Didn't die but was reported as dying

My character didn't die but was reported as dying. Situation was that I had just killed an exile, I noticed a report that said I had died. Oddly I hadn't died, I was still in map with auras still active. I had used Vaal Double Strike, maybe related?

Bug: 3,694,054,701
I then went back to hideout to look up bug reporting procedure.
My Fate (RNG) sucks!
Last bumped on Nov 15, 2017 1:47:16 PM
What weapon do you have equipped?
Innsbury Edge & Titucius' Span
My Fate (RNG) sucks!
Completed 9 ChallengesBatjutsu wrote:
Innsbury Edge

This is why, then. :)

Haha, doh. I barely look at chat so I guess I've missed a load of previous messages. Thanks for the clarification :-)
My Fate (RNG) sucks!

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