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They should already have word wrap?


.forumPostListTable .signature {
border-top: 1px solid #333;
padding-top: 5px;
word-wrap: break-word;
word-break: break-all;

Unless you're talking about something else!
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word-wrap: break-word;
word-break: break-all;

According to W3Schools, the "break-all" property permits line breaks anywhere. Wouldn't this flatly contradict the previous line - and being CSS, be applied later, thus overriding it? My "experience" with CSS only extends as far as some amateurish nonsense, so I'll defer to you here.

I can tell you that word wrap hasn't been working in my experience, though. I'm open to it being user error on my end for the PC - I'm certainly a tinkerer and learning as I go - but not sure how I'd have done anything relevant on the iPad. Customisation isn't what iOS is known for.

The line breaks are occurring in different places, so each image below verifies that the other isn't due to a typo in the signature. There's no space being shown mid-word in either image.

In case I'm a moron and using the wrong term: the word "created" is what I'm getting at. I'd really like it if this was being moved to the next line and not being interfered with, but across Chromium on Linux, Firefox (beta) on Windows, and Chrome (Safari) on iOS, it breaks into two.

I think "word-break: keep-all" instead of "word-break: break-all" might prevent that?

This is what I see on Windows 10 (up-to-date Firefox beta release)

This is what I see on my iPad with 'Chrome' (Safari, really...)

P.S. I'm used to whining at you about unimportant details and you being extremely open to feedback, but I never thought you'd start quoting CSS at me. Appreciate the transparency and how much you care and interact with the community. Really I do. :)
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After some investigation it looks like the word-break: break-all property is no longer correct (it used to only apply to CJK languages). Checked and confirmed myself using the latest Firefox beta.

I'll make sure this gets fixed, thanks!
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Thanks! :)

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