[Trade Website] Search ignores values of 0 in socket color.

I did a search for 6L body armors with 0 white sockets in an attempt to keep Tabula Rasas from being listed, but at the time of this posting 14 out of the first 15 listings were Tabula Rasa. http://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harbinger/mxmyein
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I think that number is just a minimal number of sockets with that color. If you, for instance, search for 2r, it shows items with more than 2r. There is ''any non-unique'' option in rarity, if you're not looking for a unique.
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There is ''any non-unique'' option in rarity, if you're not looking for a unique.

It's more like not wanting to have Tabula Rasa clogging up the search results nor wanting to have to do at least three different searches. Searching for items with zero white sockets would be a much faster way, easier, and better way of excluding Tabula Rasas from the search results than searching for items that have at least one blue socket, then items with at least one red socket, and finally items with at least one green socket. You would need at least three searches due to items having all sockets of the same color.

poe.trade does this as well so I'm not exactly surprised, but considering that if you're searching for items with at least one red socket you'd put a 1 in the box it strikes me as logical that anyone who would put a zero in the box is searching for items with zero red sockets, not items with at least zero red sockets. Then again maybe I'm silly for thinking that a value of zero shouldn't be redundant due to being synonymous with a value of one.

Hi there,

I think you have a fair point, I've added sockets being 0 as a special case to mean "item does not have a socket of this type".

This change is retroactive and has been applied live, so you should be able to use it now!

Thanks for your report.
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