Kitava kill glitched

A friend and I ran through Kitava last night with a newer character of mine. The kill registered for him, but not for me. I got stuck with the objective "Kill Kitava" in the arena of the feeding trough. If I went back to town and tried coming back, it would just throw the objective on screen again.

I mean, I'll go kill him again, that's fine but ... I'm a little irritated as I wanted to run maps last night with this character.

It occurred about 45 minutes before the realm restart that was rolled last night, so I don't know if that's related. Hope that doesn't happen to anyone else.

IGN: Milliardo
Last bumped on Oct 20, 2017 1:00:00 AM
Did you receive the Epilogue town waypoint when this happened?
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No. I have to go back and kill Kitava again because I still don't have access to the epilogue. My friend had already beat Kitava before so it didn't appear any different. Neither of us died or ported during the fight if that helps you.

IGN: Milliardo
Died during Kitava fight, now when I go back to the rooftop, he doesn't appear, so I'm stuck.

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