Rings gone

Hey guys,

just logged on after new patch, now both of my ring slots are empty (on character LoTechZerker).
There should be two opal rings equipped, I never took them off.
Rest of the items are still there. Searched my stash for them, no luck...what the hell happened?????
Anyone else with similar problems?
Last bumped on Oct 12, 2017 8:19:35 AM
i have the same problem both my rings and amulet vanished .. opal rings and a marble amulet .. don't know what to do now
Yes hello I had the same exact problem.

I only need a couple more challenges. Would like to finish them out.
On global 820, people are speculating that only essence crafted items are vanishing.

My opal rings were essence crafted as well.
Same, both rings disappeared - the character is basically bricked >.<

Edit: and yes both rings were essence crafted.
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ok my ring is gone after i logged in today.. pls help
Thank you GGG,

after reroll of the patch my rings are back!
Sorry about the troubles everyone!

Everything should be back in working order, with items back as they should be.

Chris made a post about this issue here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/75vzjh/sc_items_disappeared_in_hsc/do9c9g7/
Same here. Rings are back.
Though rollback deleted my 3rd exalt drop, few "Hoarders" and around 7% exp.
I'm not really sure if i should thank ggg or be really mad about half an hour of wasted mapping time.
Yay, thank you - all my gear is back too :D

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