Lag, freezing, instability - Milan

Over 1 hour since my lag is over 150ms, instead of 28-32, mostly unplayable on higher than T10 maps. But ... is it me or as soon as I am doing fine, all of the sudden ALL maps have only THE ONE mode i can't do, or if the map doesn't have that mode, server starts to act "funny" ? Or maybe is it because i didn't made any purchases from them lately ? Call em paranoid, but i don't believe in coincidences.
I wonder ... i will get a reply to this, one way or another ? Since the other complaints that were more peacefull i didn't get a reply even after 5-6 months.
And of course, by the time i could safely login to the closest server, Milan,, all portal were gone. And again,, i lost time/experience without explanation.
Once again , disconnected, 10 seconds later entered the game, portals are gone. Alt + tab to write this message, game disconnected again.
Having DC issues in Singapore
+1 same for me

I opened few maps with good quality and good divination card drops, I found Zana too, but before I could complete the map or mission I was disconnected. I joined few minutes later and opened another map, after a moment it crashed again. I was talking with my friend who played at the same time and he told me that the same things happened to him too. I think lot of people lost lot of currency or good maps, please fix it.

Edit: portals for maps disappear and it is not possible to re-enter maps
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