Crash loading last Uber Lab room

Yesterday and today I've loaded up the last Aspirant's Trial room in Uber Lab and the music gets all choppy. Kicked to Xbox dashboard. Happened to me two days in a row now. Really frustrating to run the full lab only to get kicked before last fight.
Last bumped on Jul 8, 2018 4:35:20 PM
I'm going fucking crazy from this damn game!!! I have tried to complete this Uber Lab 25+ times... Mind you, I have a sufficient character to do so. I always end up the same way... CRASHING WHEN DEFEATING IZARO FOR THE 3RD TIME! FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME GGG! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Whats the point in me sinking more money into your pocket if there is no way to progress?
Hello XxGRUTxX,

I'd recommend re-installing your game if this crash is occurring 100% of the time for you. It sounds as the files on your local console have ended up in a bad state as there are no global issues with Izaro causing crashes.

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