3.11 -- Righteous Fire Juggernaut / Chieftain (Outdated and Abandoned)

zheng738 wrote:

damn, amazing Armour, gl with res cap

be aware that in 3.16 we have new mod on rings, not cheap craft but still

thats not perfect example because except life all is xxx but multi on rings... :)
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fully setup with shadowstich, took ages. had to plan everything out perfectly to get the res to mesh correctly, and i tend to overcap a littlebit anyways. with every single piece of gear corrupted the loss of life vs koam's is only 200hp. i was 8050 with koam now i am 7900 something.

the biggest issue is baking your own jewelery/belt. if it bricks you can be hard screwed. obviously not baking gg items, just using good stuff.

i have 1 win, 1 neutral, and 2 loss with a small gain mods -_-

the minus life on the ring really hurts, i can keep backing, but kinda scared if it bricks i am screwed, and there are way worse mods what i ended up with.

might be the first juggernaut to use shadow stichs lol.

it took ages of planning to set everything up properly, and even after i got the gear it took like 13ex just to buy all the gems/white socket services on the boots/helmet before beast corrupting safely.

i could use some ideas here, i have a open gear slot. 4link, do people still use the standard cast on dmg taken setups? or is there new setups in the past 2 leagues.

now onto the interesting stuff. i stayed with my triple helmet, however, concentrated effect does not support scorching ray, so i switched to a flamewall setup, its quite good especially if you use the alternate flame wall, it can proc -10% fire exposure, which becomes 18 from the mastery.

i have the jank version of the triple helm, meaning no res, its either life or +1 aoe, i chose +1 aoe for now. but with a decent helm and 2 more levels i go back above 8k hp. currently at 7834hp.

you can potentially vaal orb/altar +2 to socketed fire gems as a corruption mod on helmets.

despite using a +3 shadowstich with the newly buffed awaken burning dmg for even more levels. the pure dps numbers is still about 8% lower compared to a triple helmet, thats how strong those things are, however, the radius on a triple helmet is low, and you can't buff it anymore this league since burning bright use to have aoe, thats all gone now.

replacing awakened inc aoe with concentrated effect actually surpasses helmet dmg.
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Awesome gear dont know if it's because your jugger n i play inquisitor your gear is i belive alot better then mine plus you have 5 more levels but your dps is half compared to mine i belive....atleast thats what it's saying in pob did comparison same checks n balances..but nice gear the same cheer's
completed maven super challenge (uber elder + uber atziri + cortex + uber shaper + chayula) died 4 times. 3 were to uber atziri . don't forget she reflects curses so remove your curse gems.

attempted simulacram. coudn't finish it. died on wave 26 to a slew of dmg mods to some kind of blue mob that instant 1shot me, and i have no idea how that happened. past wave 22 you have to remove the awakened inc aoe gem for conc, at that point you no longer 1 shot everything. fought kosis at wave 25. coudn't do enough dmg to remove his energy shield beam charge attack during the windup. however, he coudn't do any dmg to me either so i just slowly took him out.

sirius 9 killed multiple times already

will prob have to pay someone for the maven kill, do to the "no regen" mechanic on the laser scrapper attack.

simulacram a possible leveling method if your char can handle the difficulty. before i died i got almost 7% exp to wave 26 at lv 96

edit, found a really good spot for lethal pride that is right next to vigor. hits 5 big nodes, templars don't have access to this fyi.

this is actually quite huge, big nodes can give 4% max life/20% burning damage. not to mention the minor bonuses you get from small nodes. can't believe i didn't notice this till now

gave up extremely quickly, coudn't find the right combo for the timeless lol. is there a site that lets you test timeless jewels?
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for the first time ever, i am considering moving away from juggernaut and trying out a inquisitor, i mean i already have almost all the gear for it, for me to do some of the new content in the game, i have to have more dmg, and i believe ive pushed juggernaut to the limit already
I'd be interested to hear if you think it's better.

I finally swapped to swift/tap and rearranged passives for nearly double dps from my previous efficacy/inc aoe/+defensive passives. already feels like more dps than I've ever had with a 1h RF with plenty of upgrades left.

Currently wondering if the extra max res nodes are great or just overkill. weren't RF fine without all that?

also noticed they nerfed fortify from working with shield charge - I thought the buff just wasn't showing up but no, intentional nerf.
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Hi all,
i see that Rhah and Zheng you have both new belts ;) i supose that mega boost for RF (for everything) i dont have time to play but i want to test Bow version with explo chest. After many many tries ive made smth like this (att speed could be str gems but...):

rest of items still need upgrade but thats really nice combo if someone want to try fast mapping i can recomend this. I have now RF lvl 31, and its easy to upgrade 3,4 more lvls
Joined the ranks of Rhah n Zheng738 got the right enchant 1st run

Is RF still dead in 3.17?
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Haven't played rf jugg in years. It's looking like inquisitor is the way to go now? Anyone have a guide?

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