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I am a pretty new player, I leveled a character to maybe 14 or something a while back but never really got into PoE. Then I re-downloaded when this new expansion dropped and have been playing a bit more. I logged on this morning and had been playing maybe 10 minutes, just started act 5, and all of a sudden got DC'd and a message that my account has been banned. This seems pretty strange, I've probably only played 10 hours maybe, have no idea what I am doing still, never said talked to or traded with anyone in game, certainly not exploiting anything. Is there something I am missing, I read something about 2 accounts, but I am pretty sure I've only ever had the one since when I restarted the other day my old level 14 was on the account still.
Last bumped on Aug 30, 2017, 1:46:57 PM
You need to contact the support

you leveled up before the "ban" ? you can check your logs in the path of exile folder (steam>steamapps> for steam) logs/client.txt

2017/08/30 08:23:05 1047675296 981 [INFO Client 13692] : RaiidMar (Berserker) is now level 40
2017/08/30 08:23:05 1047675359 611 [INFO Client 13692] Abnormal disconnect: Your account has been banned by an administrator.

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