3.0: MoM Tank/45% of damage taken shifted/4k+ combined Regen/7.5k+ Life/3k+ Mana Inquisitor

Path of Building code

Welcome once again to another guide of mine :)

Now, it's time for another tank build I very much enjoyed crafting: The Ancient Guardian!

This is a Mind over Matter tank character that shifts the damage to be taken from Mana before Life. This is achieved by wearing items like these
in combination with Mind over Matter.

This results in a total damage shift of 45% taken from Mana instead.

This is a very useful way to gain extra "EHP" to mitigate damage, because we only die when our HP threshold reaches 0. With the recent buff in 3.0 that allows Mind over Matter to also apply to damage over time, we got more tanky than before.

However, it can get very annoying as a self-caster to deal with Mana issues when damage over time is draining all your Mana all the time. This build does not care about any of this.

The downside of being regen based is that very fast damage spikes, such as Barrage-like skills used by bosses or charging packs, can give you a hard time or kill you because you cannot regenerate fast enough in that small window (at least for this build).

This is a somewhat budget build. My total expenses for gear were:

* 2ex for sceptre (optional)
* ~70c for chest
* 50c for helmet
* 13c for Two-Stone ring
* ~25c for Opal ring
* ~30c for gloves
* ~30c for boots
* ~15c for belt
* 40c for shield
* 38c for amulet
Total cost: ~2-5ex (not accounting for jewels or flasks)

While I am aware that this build isn't fast or deals a lot of damage, I still wanted to make this for the sake of it. I mean, it was very fun to craft this and watch it turn out the way it did :)

Farming maps with this is a pain, though. So, I suggest you try my Wild Strike Raider for mapping.

But you can still use this guy to make some money carrying people in lab. I never intended to do anything with this guy, it just ended up being good enough for me to run Uber Lab and don't care about anything except Izaro himself. Smoothest run I ever had. Annoying traps were... not annoying anymore? LOL!

>>Uber Lab<<

I might add more when I find the time :)

These 2 are the essential defensive nodes for this build.

Stacking tons of Mana, hence why I grab Mind over Matter regardless, and Life/Mana regen makes up the core defensive aspect of this build. I use a sceptre with Fire Burst to help with DPS, but it's entirely optional (though recommended).

These 2 are the essential offensive nodes for this build.

Shield Charge is used to proc Instruments of Virtue's bonus Cast Speed, and Flame Surge procs the bonus Spell Damage.

Enduring Cry is used to grant Endurance charges, burst Life regen and to keep the Stone Golem alive by taunting enemies (his flat regen is very useful, so try to keep him up). Luckily, he also gets extra survivability through Consecrated Ground.


If you have Fire Burst:
Concentrated Effect
Elemental Focus
Fire Penetration

If not:
Cast When Damage Taken (1)
Immortal Call (3)
Increased Duration


Flame Surge
Arcane Surge
Spell Echo
Concentrated Effect
Elemental Focus
Fire Penetration


Cast When Damage Taken (16)
Fireball (18)
Firestorm (18)
Flame Surge (18)


Cast When Damage Taken (20)
Fireball (20)
Firestorm (20)
Molten Shell (20)


Cast When Damage Taken (18)
Fireball (19)
Firestorm (19)
Flame Surge (19)

Shield Charge (1)
Summon Stone Golem
Enduring Cry

For the full passive tree please check the Path of Building code.

Bandits: Help Oak
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
☛ ♨ ♂ ✌ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ♂ ♨ ✌ ☚
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weird that nobody replied to this^^

though it should be possible to lead even more dmg to mana with aylardex.
seems OP man im running this with a few changes for my uber lab farmer with bit of a focus on midigation tho needing some mana regen/leech atm found this while looking gooing to use some of these ideas and make changes to my own......10 outa 10

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