Please fix horrific graphic lag (possible lead)

Here I am doing Spider Forest map runs all evening w/ no problem and upon entering another, everything goes to hell and I get 1 fps if I'm lucky when I launch volleys of Kinetic Blast into enemies.

Nothing changed from prior runs except for the enemy type, so I implore you to take a look at these new 3.0 enemy types as categorized by "Solaris Fanatics" to help track down rampant reports of lag.


Last bumped on Aug 12, 2017 11:08:56 PM

Same problem. before 3.0 my game worked perfectly.. but now, every time I kill a monster he leaves a black square on the ground, the water is with a weird texture, and I don't need to talk about the terrible lag graph..

Dude just look at how bad is water texture. It was transparent with excellent graphics, but now has become a shit...............................

For me the game runs a lot smoother than before using DX11
Too bad we can't use it because we get disconnected every f* loading screen

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