DoTs are Too Strong, PVP Ruined, Please Fix Soon

I am no longer having fun in PVP because if I hit someone they die instantly unless they are wearing bleed proof boots or have a bleed flask up proactively.

Scorching Ray still can kill just about anyone in a second or two.

Blight can kill all life builds instantly, and other sources of chaos damage over time are of various degrees too strong.

Bleed was married so strongly to melee, which is tied strongly to life builds, that most of us appear to be using it.

This ruins PVP because its 1-hit kill, it is no fun, please fix.


On my end I'll stop using bleed once I hit 100 (bleed is necessary for me to level as heavy strike melee splash (blood explosions for clearing packs)), but when I stop, most people will still be using it, the problem won't go away, everyone wearing Death's Door is not a feasible solution.

Especially since we can't all be Death's Door CI builds while still keeping enough diversity to be interesting, and even if we did, scorching ray would still be a problem.

Player damage is too high for current life / energy shield pools, it is a hemophiliac knife fight.
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Uhhh yahhhh it's PvP, soooo I don't think it's gonna happen sooon. Who ever hits first wins anyway
Did someone said Blight ?

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Did someone said Blight ?

I'd use efficacy instead of swift ailments though...
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.

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