Lesser Poison

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Last bumped on Oct 10, 2017 8:19:02 AM
This gem feels really useless. Aside from the fact that the poison nerf hit way too hard, if you actually want to focus on poison damage, you'd be getting enough "Chance to poison on hit" passives to make this gem raise it over 100% and therefore make it a waste of a gem slot.

But even if you get your poison on hit chance to exactly 100% with this gem, the combined added chaos damage and avg. damage increase from the additional poison hits cannot compete to any other flat damage add support gem. Essentially adding this gem lowers your dps in all cases.

I use this gem together with the poison gem for 100% chance while leveling so I always see the poison in action. Is it good? No. Does it make sense? No. But when I play a build I want to "be that build" as soon as possible.

Otherwise I agree with twothe 100%, in terms of effectiveness/value this gem is pointless.
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