Chance to Bleed

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Last bumped on Aug 18, 2022, 2:50:51 PM
yhateful wrote:
I guess this forum is dead, but I'll give it a shot since I can't find any posts from Mark or anyone when alternate quality was added.

Exactly how does Divergent Chance to Bleed work?

Is it a 20% multiplier to the value "Effectiveness of Added Damage" on the supported skill, or is it additive with this value?

Or does it only apply to the damage coming from Chance to Bleed itself, in which case it seems like a convoluted way of just adding more flat damage via quality?

Or does it work some other way?
It is a more damage modifier that only applies to added damage - this will affect any added damage the skill has.
alhazred70 wrote:
This probably is obvious to some people but how is this different from just saying "+20% effectiveness of added damage"?
That would stack this modifier additively with Effectiveness of Added Damage. "more" modifiers never stack additively with any other modifier.

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