Kaom's Roots Movement Speed Bug?

I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but I just experienced in a Trial for Uber Lab that my Kaom's Roots stop my movement speed from being affected by Temp Chains (on a totem in the trial) but do NOT stop my movement speed from being lowered by the darts in the trial.

In other words:
The totem with Temp Chains did not lower my movement speed.
The darts in the trial DID lower my movement speed (which subsequently got me killed :D)

Is that intended?
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Kaom's Roots specifically prevents you from being slowed, which is what Temporal Chains does. Slow is not the same thing as reducing movement speed (it affects everything you do, not just movement).

Kaom's Roots does not offer any prevention of reductions to movement speed, which is what the darts do.
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I think you accidentally left out the word "not" in the second part of your sentence.
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I think you accidentally left out the word "not" in the second part of your sentence.
Thanks for the catch. Fixed.
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When a player reads "you cannot be slowed", the expectation is for dart traps to not slow you.

Focusing on a technical definition and saying "but the dart traps aren't slowing you, they're reducing your movement speed!" is OK from a programming standpoint, because yes, movement speed reduction is not the same as slow, each of them are distinct things. However, that kind of technical distinction leads to a pretty shitty user experience. Anyone who isn't a d&d rules lawyer or who doesn't hold a phd in poe or who doesn't have some other accomplishment of true geekiness is going to associate movement speed reduction with being slowed.

When this happens, the typical player is going to think they've come across something broken/buggy/unpolished.
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If you know of a better wording that is both accurate and more understandable, I'm certain GGG would be willing to consider it :) They're quite open to suggestions, UX is very difficult.

The problem with other wording often lies in accuracy however. PoE's descriptions are hyper-literal. Does what it says - no more no less. A decent understanding allows the user to immediately and accurately understand a previously-unknown modifier, based on precedent and wording alone. The downside is that there's a bit more of a learning curve.
(and imo you've overstating how difficult this is)

Quite honestly, having played Grim Dawn for a hundred hours during the Oriath beta, I'm extremely glad GGG chose this direction. I know a thing or two about ARPGs, but Grim Dawn's descriptions were still unhelpful at the best of times. "On Attack" triggers apply to any Skill-use (but only if an enemy is targeted). I guess Replicating Missile is an Attack then? Yet, "Attack Damage Leech" only applies to Weapon Damage - Replicating Missile does not deal Weapon Damage, and does not Leech as such. Ok cool. Cunning increases "Duration Damage", but this doesn't apply to Vitality Damage over Time because that's magical and thus affected by Spirit instead. Thanks game. Additionally, there's a big difference between "flat Damage every second" and "Damage per Second".

PoE players occasionally run into a description they misinterpret, but the error can be easily explained. It might appear unpolished, but that's not truly the case. Grim Dawn on the other hand is actually unpolished and inaccurate in its descriptions. I'd rather explain Kaom's Roots a dozen times than have to explain why "Attack" isn't always the same as "Attack". :P
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If you know of a better wording that is both accurate and more understandable

We both played Guild Wars 1, right, Viper?

Let's take a look at Guild Wars communicated Bleed;
  • Your character's health bar turns pink.
  • Your character has a debuff icon using the same palette as other conditions.

Let's look at how GW communicated hex-induced degen;
  • Your character's health bar turns purple.
  • Your character has a debuff icon which prominently features purple.

Guild Wars, like Path of Exile, ran the risk of having similar-but-different mechanics, where both Cripple and Chill effects existed, and Bleed and health degeneration hexes existed. Yet ArenaNet bothered to make an effort to communicate what was happening so players had the knowledge they needed to react. That's not something we can say about GGG.

How does Path of Exile communicate things to players? Wording and wiki articles. It's a bad joke by comparison, and we need to stop allowing GGG to believe it's acceptable.

This is a bit of an angry post - I apologise if it looks like I'm attacking you.
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You're saying PoE doesn't communicate Bleeding very well, or what? There's a debuff indicator (with the same colouring as other debuffs), there's a distinct sound effect, and there's a visual effect on the character. Additionally, various sources of Bleed are noted in the monster description; Corrupted Blood/line for example, and I believe Puncture is listed as well.
GGG could introduce health discolouration? That would be neat.

I don't see how Degen has anything to do with differentiation between Slow and Reduced Movement Speed, however. How do you communicate such a small difference other than just wording? Again, if there's improvements to be made and you have an idea as to how, GGG does listen.
PoE isn't flawless, no, but its descriptions are top of the line.

Guild Wars had its fair share of confusing and unexplained mechanics. Did you know Scythes have a lower Crit Multiplier, for example? Every other weapon has a Crit Mult of x1.41, but Scythes only get x1.09. Whirlwind Attack and Triple Chop both hit target plus all adjacent enemies, but they do not interact the same way with Empathy and Spiteful Spirit. There's a Hex that causes your health bar to turn purple, even if it doesn't induce Degen. There's like fifteen Prot Spells with the same animation.
Cracked Armour and Weakness have the exact same visual cues; there is no way to differentiate aside from looking at the status monitor.

e; nothing is perfect, but I sure can't think of a better way to handle this case. You can tell the difference by wording (Dart description should not mention the word Slow), and by Slow not affecting listed values on the character sheet. Technically they already have different visual cues, by virtue of Slow only coming from Chill/Freeze (blue) and TC (..TC icon :P ); darts apply neither visual effect.
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