Unexpected Disconnections all day

It's happening to me and a buddy. No lag spike, just flat out freezes in gameplay, then it drops.

Anyone else having this?

I have 29ms ping to Texas. I switched to DC when it wouldn't stop disconnecting me, then same thing happened there.

Switching to California right now to see if it resolves....
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Last bumped on Jul 17, 2017 12:54:45 AM
Hey there!

Before we can look at diagnosing this issue for you, we will require more information about your connection! Can you please confirm for us if you're using a wired or wireless connection? If you're using wireless, can you please try a wired connection to see if that helps with your issue?

For further assistance, please contact us at techsupport@grindinggear.com :)
California was steady for me, so I'll switch back to Texas tomorrow and double check it.

I was absolutely using wired and I have fiber optic which gave me a 10ms improvement from my old Comcast garbage. So yeah, with a 29ms ping I shouldn't be stuttering.

Switched to California with a 50ms and it was fine.

Just tell me what kind of data you'll need in the future if it ever happens again.

I can throw some DxDiag your way, some wireshark logs, whatever you need. It was just frustrating as I couldn't do merciless lab because I kept getting disconnected. :-(

Thanks for the response.

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