Evasion NOT FUNCTIONING getting CHUNKED by any level monster

Bug no. ref: 1511812231
Character Name: GoldenSpray
Type: Other
Networking Mode: Lockstep
Client: Standalone
Bug Report #1511812231

I and many players on my flist who have dodge/eva builds are complaining about getting hit very often compared to prior to the last patch.

We are sitting in a level 23 area and getting hit roughly concordantly with our dodge chances, in spite of having 15k evasion on top of the Trickster's 20% more evasion chance buff.

Evasion is definitely not working. I have a video I can cut to demonstrate this also.

VIDEO: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/158933358

Char name is Pissass (bug entry form won't let me specify a char I dont have in the main game.)
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Yes unfortunately this is happening, thanks for the report we will be working on fixing that quickly.
I've found the cause of this, and and working on a fix.

EDIT: This is fixed locally, and we will be deploying the fix to beta soon.
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