Beta Wave 3 Deployed

We have deployed Wave Three of the Beta. Everything is still a work in progress, but I'd like to note some specific features that are notably incomplete.

The focus of this update is the performance improvements. Some elements of this are not completed:
Ground effects improvements still need to be done.
Some skill effects may have visibility issues - notably beams may have issues displaying at long ranges. Please let us know in bug reports if you have specific problems.
There is flickering on cloud effects, which is most noticeable in the fog in the Eternal Laboratory and Act 5 town.

Various game elements still have placeholder assets, or are otherwise incomplete. This list is not complete, but you should note:
The Tolman encounter is still a work in progress.
There is still only one Act 7 Bandit variation
The tutorial is still a work in progress. Thanks to everyone who has used this feature, and/or provided feedback.

While there have been several balance changes in this wave, it was not the focus of this update. Wave four will be more focused on gameplay and balance specifically.

EDIT: Some people will have a passive reset as we have been making some changes to where passive points are gained. There is one less passive point available to the end of Act 8 now.

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Any update on 2.6.3, which was planned for this week?
vai brasil
so at this point MTX 2018?

Looks like you removed a skill point, so any char that had all their points spent now have a full respec on their hands. If you had points unspent (like me), no respec.

This is kinda shitty and hope you revisit it.
Last edited by muir on Jul 13, 2017 6:34:28 PM
I guess the cast speed and mana regen change to arcane surge did not make into this update? I did see that AS now only for "Casted" skills.
Tease with act 9 town while at the same time saying it won't be in beta and remove 1 skill point instead of added the missing ones we desperatly need. Great!
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