Leeching with spells from attack leech passives

Bug no. ref: 235300401
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Type: Other
Networking Mode: Lockstep
Client: Steam
I noticed that both shadow notable leech passives (Mind Drinker and Blood Drinker) is currently giving all my spells leech (including curses and auras) despite the description of those passives only mentions leech for attack skills.

Is this mechanic intended?

Leech with freezing pulse

Leech with curses

My passive tree

EDIT: auras also get leech as modifiers
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Removing all my items does not change these leech values.
Are you actually leeching with these skills, or is it just showing incorrect values in the character panel?
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The character panel says "Life leech with attacks" so it's not really an "incorrect value", just happening to list a value that isn't actually used with the skill in question since the skill isn't an attack.
yes I am actually leeching (with the skills that deal damage)

EDIT: not i am not leeching, it's just a character panel problem. Was mistaking leech effects from life gain on kill.
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