Need advice for my new 3.00 scion build

Hi guys need some advise.

scion build by cyndre

Any suggestions?
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In short: Read other builds before making your own. Right from the start its clearly visible, that this build is inefficient and takes out some useless nodes.
Call me an idiot if this works

But no-one starts from the top, so lets start from zero and let me ask:
1. What is the main skill you want to use for clearing the game?
2. Are you sure you want scion?
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As SirBalatro said you should start with a skill.
Then you should use Path of Building wich makes it easier to check your stats.
Dont use the +30 in your skilltree. You can save at least 9 skillpoint in your tree.
I just realized that the new ascendent 'raider' node has GREAT synergy with bloodrage, which everyone laughs at and nobody uses. If you use both, you can have frenzy charges up all the time, and this makes the scion really compete with the raider in terms of dps.

In fact, it's this little change that's making me go scion for 3.0
A lot important things have already been said: This is no build, this is a skilltree... without a defined purpose.

What I also noticed:
- It is pretty bold to spend all the skill points... you won't make it to 100!
- You choose mostly sword nodes, but also one axe node... that seems weird to me (especially as you mostly took two-handed weapon nodes)
- You invested a hell lot in resistances, imho they should be capped with gear

I didn't look really long at that your tree, but without knowing what you want to play, I fully agree with Sir Baletro SirBalatro: Whatever you have in mind, in won't work... I'm sorry.

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