First time racer

I did my first ever race yesterday, completing the "Race Event 5: 1h Winterheart Ledge" and I managed to reach level 22 with my character. I am just a little confused as to how rewards go and what they are or where I can see my points from that race.
Last bumped on Aug 25, 2017, 10:45:59 PM
  • There are no points as this is not a season, just series of events.
  • You can see rewards in race descriptions; this subforum has all races, here you have future events, and here is a schedule with prizes
  • Random rewards are beta keys and microtransactions (so you may get something or nothing), there's also Classic Mystery Box for reaching 10 levels (so you should get it after Tuesday or so, it will appear in your Microtransaction tab).
Not the OP, but thank you for the information.

How far in advance are events posted to the schedule? It's currently empty, and I haven't seen any new events posted since 3.0 dropped.

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