Reliquary Keys in Standard league

I have quite a lot of currency in Standard League and I saw that there were a few reliquary keys for sale so I thought maybe I should buy some there too. I know that not that many people care about relics in Std because there are already tons of legacy items floating around, but I just want to verify in case I want to buy: can Reliquary Keys be used in Standard League?
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My guess would be no.
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Didn't try and don't want to try, but I'm pretty sure it can be used, GGG wouldn't waste the resource to design a new type of item that can be used in map device in a temp league but not SC, it will be working exactly like offering to goddess, just taking you to another pseudo map area which cannot be altered by zana or leaguestone mods. You see these "shortcut" type of design everywhere in POE
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No offense guys but I've already speculated on the reasons why it should or should not work. I was looking for a true answer.
Just suicided a key to test for you. It works just fine.
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Thanks for checking for me! I don't have any keys in LHC so I couldn't check myself without buying one. I apologize in advance if you opened the key and got something really good and now you can't use it in LHC =(

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