how to upgrade your gear?


i am not totaly new to the game, i understand most of the mechanics i guess, but i am not a good player (highest char lvl 86)

i struggle with upgrading my gear.

i try a CI blade vortex build for the first time

i am lvl 65 now, and still have my leveling gear.

so i wanted to start investing into gear so that i can switch to CI.

but how do i do this now?

i need to upgrade almost every peace of gear.

where do i start?

should i take a piece of paper and write down every item i want to buy and then buy them all at once? i see the problem here that one item may be gone and my resist/attributes caculations are ****

or should i just start with an expansive item (lets say chest) and go from there, so that i will have 1 slot in the end where i need a realy specific item.

how do you do this?
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You should start with ES body and shield then take Chaos inoculation and passives after that node, Ghost Reaver and life passives can convert to ES then.
So be also sure you got enough respec/spare passive points to do that.
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i just checked with path of building (god i love this tool)

and with a good chest and helmet i am almost at 4k ES....
That´s a bit too low (for dried lake, t1 maps still ok with decent leech) What do you mean with good chest and helm? Have you changed passives as I told you?

You should aim for 550+ es 5 link chest and 300+ ES helm with decent res nad/or inteligence if possible (you can craft resist by yourself) but depends on your budget.

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