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so .., five minutes ago i just got the prophecy and i was hyped . I didnt wanted to play this league at all but this prophecy , really gived me a reason to. But this happed .
i just grabbaed a pair of sorc boots of our guild stash .and used a chance orb on it..

THE RESULT WASNT SKYFORTH but the funking stepèpen .. or w/e i just vnedor that poppoi poop item and im about to delete my legacy char.. ...i dunno if is a bug or not .A guy showed up in whisper telling me the prophecy was made to give ppl 100% to get skyforth .. but for w/e reason i, did'nt get those beautiful sorcerers boots...

I suppose the prophecy is bugged , or i dont really know..

i just ..spammed global 820 ...was hyped ... now less than nothing...
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That's not a bug.
Where did you chance the item? In town or your hideout? Or in an area where you had a warbands leaguestone active?
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Where did you chance the item? Or in an area where you had a warbands leaguestone active?

Wiki sez:

It [Steppan Eard] cannot be chanced even while in a map affected by a Warbands leaguestone as Steppan Eard drop from the Renegade Warbands themselves and not naturally.

Guess, Wiki got it badly wrong... ^^
You should of chanced a hubris circlet with +2 barrage projectiles.
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I was in highgate . i asked a friend to give me one of his pair and he said there were two on the guild stash so i grabbed one and i did it ..Is after looking at price for skyforth on poetrade that i recognize it was'nt skyforth... and i just logout.
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That's not a bug.

Care to explain why? A lot of people are under the impression that it's not supposed to be chanceable.
Care to explain why? A lot of people are under the impression that it's not supposed to be chanceable.

I agree - they can't be chanced.

Steppan Eard have a number of properties;
  • They cannot be chanced.
  • They have drop restrictions.
  • They ignore usual league restrictions.

I believe none of those are relevant, thus there's no indication of a bug.

Steppan Eard were created by the prophecy Trash to Treasure, just as they can be created using the Divination card Jack in the Box. There is no reason to believe that is a bug.

I would cite the Golden Touch prophecy as a precedent. It creates a rare item using an Orb of Transmutation. Now, that might not be what an Orb of Transmutation does, but it sure is what the prophecy does. I believe the currency item being consumed by the prophecy is merely a way of allowing the user to interact with the prophecy. Otherwise it would be something along the lines of "the next item which drops will be a unique" - and how interesting is that?
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NO steppard Boots was ever found in the PoE hystory with the "trash & treasure" prophecy. I consider this a bug still.

The golden touch uses a different mechanic :the trasmutation orb is allowed to do, what usually an Alchemy orb does, But here different IS alot DIFFERENT; a chance orb Do it's job ;but this time with a 100% chance to give an unique item instead of the "usual proc chance " of 1/700.and according to wiki the only possible result is skyforths.

try ur self trash and treasure prophecy ur GGG u can do it. and trust me u never ever find a steppard boots

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Could it be that this prophecy does not work like "jeweller's touch" or "fated connection"? those two are considered currency, and will not work when your item has 6 sockets and cannnot use another jeweller orb, this could be like darkshrine, in darkshrine league people can give 20% quality to a lvl21 corrupted gem which was not possible other way, it could just straight up bypass game's mechanic

in that case, I guess the best option is buying a 6L occulist chest to get a 6L shav, I can't think of other big ticket item is the only unique outcome from a base. Only if there were no doryanis' fist
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