My theory when we allow unfetterd Immigration

Bread and circuses (the original welfare state policy) helped to destroy Rome. ='[.]'=
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What about people that are not getting any jobs and are looking desperately?

Where, in western Europe or US?

Last time I was on a two week vacation in Germany, I accidentally met a friend living there. He asked me if I'd like to help him. I got my ass handed to me in three days for 500 euro. Instead of drinking coffee at Marienplatz and bitching around. If a fucking tourist can find a job/work in a couple of days, you what?
Mind I'm highly skilled elektroniker, though I didn't hesitate to get my hands dirty with low qualified job on the vacation I was supposed to rest. Why? Cash is cash. Also a local told me that work will set me free.

The welfare policy of your, and many other EU countries, breeds lazy useless fucks. That's it. If they get finally left on themself, they won't die starving. It would be the motivation to get their asses back to work. Now the definition of this word is wiped out of their memory.

Only old helpless people and cripples should suck the welfare honey. The lazy scum must work or die out. Plain simple.
The wealth of the richest countries is based on people who worked hard over the ages/centuries, at times for nothing - just to prove themself, or keep them occupied. But kept working. Nowadays their kids waste it all out of sheer stupidity and laziness. Nah. Won't last for long.
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Also a local told me that work will set me free.

This made me laugh out loud.
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What about people that are not getting any jobs and are looking desperately?

Maybe they have a useless, non-marketable education and don't want to "lower" their entitled standards, by getting a temporary "dirty" job? Study IT or engineering and the job will look for you.

If your country already has 2%, 4%, 6% unemployment, but still needs immigrants to fill job positions, something does not compute, right?
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Yeah, stupid poor people! Its all thier fault for working at jobs that dont pay them enough money!
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