The Missing Unique Essence

Completed 17 Challengesretruber wrote:
I think the point is:

Properties restricted to level 45 and above

This would eliminate low level affixes.. but meh.
...and stay dead!
how about an essence that adds a mod to a unique?

OR ... the ability to add a essence to a blue item?? ??
then essences might actually be worth picking up

or at least 1 mod

i hate them, super stupid mechanic .. really just hate that ONLY deafening (and corrupted ones) are worth a damn, and it takes 304430293740927 to get a deafening , and you cant have 1 mod and use it

and its a waste of stash space
fuck their stash space wasting bullshit items
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Completed 13 ChallengesCaoMengde wrote:
how about an essence that adds a mod to a unique?

That would be too strong

I once proposed the idea of a Vaal orb effect that removes or add a mod to uniques

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