Sound Issues since 2.60h Patch

my in game sounds are "skipping" like a scratched cd and sound "hollow"

-shocked,burning,chilled ground is causing lag like it used to back when masters came out

-necromancer/summoner near a shrine lag is worse now then its ever been for me

-shatter sound effects from cold skills/abilities from all/any source (my own, party member, or monster,) cause the issue as well as massive fps drops (worse then before)

Last bumped on Apr 22, 2017 9:56:31 PM
+1 , same thing is happening to me.
Confirmed, but not always...
Sorry, my english is not nativ! ;-)
Having issues with sound as well.. lots of weird distortion /sounds like it wants to blow up my speakers or something. Dialogue cutting out, every other ability making weird noises...
+1 Having the same issue
Thank you for the reports, we're looking into it.
✮ Please contact if you need any help! 🐸👌💯✔
I played most of the day yesterday without experiencing this, today literally 10 minutes after finally agreeing to let Windows 10 install its "Creator's Upgrade" I started experiencing the same thing.

It happens after a short period of play, and since I recently sunk most of my Legacy currency into a Crit Freezing Pulse assassin the league is essentially ruined for me by this particular bug.

I am a sad panda. =(
I too have the same problem with sound. It skips and "zittts" constantly. Only way to play is with the sound turned off and listen to music.
Still playing like popcorn.

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