[3.2] Sherkhan's SliverMine: Tornado Shot Deadeye Poison Mines

First things first: videos

Update: This build started as a CI Deadeye in Breach (getting <27k per arrow); ran this to L95 as a HP Assassin in 3.1 using Gloomfang. In 3.2, HP BM Saboteur is the best way to do this. PoB for Saboteur: https://pastebin.com/wbTEy6fQ Shaper Kill w/ Sab; T12 Double Boss w/ Sab. I use a rare +2 arrow quiver instead of Quills for the higher single target. This version also uses Brutality instead of the poison in the original setup.

SliverMine (previously in the Deadeye forum)

The idea, as always, is to use cheap gear to make a build that is capable of quickly clearing T13-15 maps. In this case, I use Slivertongue (a Hydra drop that is sold for 1-10c), Rigwald's Quills (17-20c), Coated Shrapnel (4x 1c) and Brinerots (not necessary, but 1-20c) for a build that has tremendous AOE clears even in parties.

The playstyle is simple: lay mine (maybe twice), detonate, move on.

The build makes the most use of Slivertongue's unique mods, and pairs them with Deadeye's +1 Chain and Quill's Fork mod to ensure that arrows Fork, Chain, then Pierce for maximum devastation. I can lay up to nine mines (although in gameplay I drop six at a time over two actions). Each mine delivers six arrows (potentially seven, with a +1 arrow quiver). Each arrow splits into three arrows (potentially five with a TS enchant). Each of these 9x6x3 (potentially 9x7x5) arrows then forks (splitting into two on hit), then chains. For single-target, a +2 quiver is better than Quills.

Besides its unique mechanics, Slivertongue also has the highest flat physical damage for a unique bow, which makes it ideal for mining. Each arrow delivers about 10-15k average damage. On top of this, 4x Coated Shrapnels ensure that all hits poison, which adds about 10-20k of damage (scaled by the mine and projectile damage mods I take along the way). Aside from Deadeye's Chain mod (which enables Pierce thanks to Slivertongue), you also get 30% more projectile damage and +1 Arrow. As you can imagine, packs simply disappear. Single target is pretty decent as well, and you can use wither totems and Vaal Lightning Traps as all the meta kids do.

2.6 PoB

Sample (unoptimized) gear

Ideally I'd be using a TS +2 enchant helm, +1 quiver, non-legacy Brinerots for more ES, and Valyrium + ACC/crit/ES% amulet, higher ES gloves, and a 6L with actual ES levels (750+).

Tree, gems, and flasks

This is still a work in progress. I shot the video not caring about defense nor flasks.

L93 tree

Ascendancies: +1 Chain, then +1 Arrow.

Bandits: Kraityn (allres), Kill (passive), Alira (power)


6L: Tornado Shot, Remote Mine, Minefield, Added Chaos Damage, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Trap and Mine Damage.

6L: Spare one, not sure what to do here.

2L: Discipline, Clarity; Vaal Disc, Vaal Clarity

4L: (mobility) Blink Arrow, Faster Projectiles, Faster Attacks, (Less Duration? I forget)

4L: CWDTL1 + Vortex + Det Mines + Phase Run


Haven't thought this through yet. Likely the usual defensive ones (Taste of Hate; anti-freeze, anti-bleed; maybe Sorrow of the Divine), movement, and maybe Sin's Rebirth (unholy might), Dying Sun (more projectiles) for offense.

Questions asked on the thread

1. it doesnt seem like you have fork anymore in your setup (using rare quiver instead) is silvertongue really still the best bow?

+2 arrows offers better single-target damage than Quills (40% more, to be exact). Slivertongue is still the best bow for easy AOE because of the unlimited pierce after the first chain. You can test vs a higher pdmg bow.

2. This will just be my inexperience but i haven't seen other miners go all the way to blood magic. Is using something like hatred or wrath and scaling elemental damage a little (plus having all those spare points for jewels or something) really much worse setup/doesn't work for some reason i hadn't noticed?

Most other miners get nothing from the pathing to BM - they're spell or wand/KB based so they need the north trees to scale. Since I'm already getting the bow nodes (including King of the Hill for defense), BM is a short stretch that addresses mana issues and gives a huge HP boost that works well with the HP % regen from Sabo. You can still get Hatred via Essence if you want it, but it's unnecessary for clears (as shown in the videos). Even though the mana cost is really low for a mining build, BM is nice QoL. Covenant instead of Kaoms is a consideration, but shrinks the HP pool.

You'll notice most other miners have <5k HP + 500 free mana as opposed to ~7k HP (much better against ailments and one-shots).

What do you think about this build, with volkuur, stacking abyss jewels?

The genesis of this build is to use high flat phys dmg and free pierce after chain. Mining compensates for the low APS of the weapon that enables this. Your Volkuur idea could work with Hopeshredder and a cold version of this, but I don't see a unique that enables an OP lightning version.

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Build looks fucking cool actually
1K Pretzel Eating Team.


Fake Temp League Elitists LUL
Milkyslice wrote:
Who needs remote mine for it ;) Targeting can screw you and selfusing it is just better.

True. I just have a ton of mine dmg scaling nodes, so a mine something might be better. I guess RoA or Puncture Mines. Time to PoB it.


Thanks. Those phys/bow/dot nodes are poorly allocated. Chaos nodes make more sense. Maybe even grab 3-pt jewel nodes for the right jewels.

Besides that, Doomfletchs Prism miner 4 tw :P

Maybe. But it requires much tighter (read: expensive) gearing to get an adequate amount of flat damage on it for mining. Although Abyssus miner would be amusingly stupid. Also, I wanted to finally use wither totem for something.

_Saranghaeyo_ wrote:
Build looks fucking cool actually

Thanks. I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient/cheap it was. Had the idea noodling around since Slivertongue came out, but people always talked me out of it. Looks like it might work in 3.0 as well (since I don't exactly scale +% more poison multipliers with GMP and Minefield in the setup).
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what about bandits dude?
omeed wrote:
what about bandits dude?

I did Kraityn (resists), Kill (passive), and Alira (power).

You can skip the allres since it's easy to overcap res.
Updated videos.

End-game gear in Legacy (third character, so I had some currency saved up).

Nice build dude, any chance I could see your tree?
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Have you attempted shapers or guardians yet?

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