What happens when you divine a legacy unique that has a mod that doesn't exist anymore?

I've been wondering this but I'm sure somebody has tested. For example, Kaom's Sign used to have physical attack leech and now has life gained on hit. If I divine a legacy Kaom's Sign, will it remove the physical attack leech? I know it can't add the life gained on hit mod, but what happens to the old mod that no longer exists?
Last bumped on Apr 16, 2017 8:57:53 PM
On Standard League or on Legacy League?
On Standard or the perminant Hardcore leagues it rerolls to existing mods.
On one of the temporary Legacy leagues, it should retain the mods because they are available on that league.
Reforming from being SSF-since beta.
It should not matter what league you are in. In either case, what you claim cannot be true universally; you cannot gain mods that were added in a subsequent version of the item.
The short answer is that's not something you can possibly do - if the mod actually didn't exist anymore, the item would have failed to load from the database, and you couldn't apply currency to it (and we'd have recieved warnings and be looking into what happened to the item).

In the situation you're actually describing, that mod still exists in the game, but new unique items of that type no longer generate with that mod. However, that's only relevant to generating new unique items, which you aren't doing. Your item has that mod, so the Divine orb will re-roll that mod within it's current stat range. This can still be easily done because that mod is still in the game and thus has that range data.

It's very likely that the stat range for the mod hasn't changed, since there's little point in us changing the range on a mod we're no longer going to generate on new items. It's possible, however, that the range might have been changed, even to a range of (0-0), which would effectively "remove" the mod (the item would technically have the mod, but grant a value of 0 of it's stat, which is the same as not having the stat, and said stat wouldn't be described on the item. I'm not aware of any specific case where this has happened, but if, for example, we removed a drawback mod from a unique and wanted people to be able to "remove" it from existing items with a Divine orb, that would be a way to achieve that.

The league you're in doesn't (and I'm pretty sure can't) matter.
Thank you for clarifying.

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