Five years of Path of Exile!

Happy 5th!

I'm happy to hear that you've had so much fun over the years, and I hope you enjoy the next 5!
So many late comers to POE lol
Temper wrote:
So many late comers to POE lol

ahaha best comment xd
Completed 19 ChallengesNephalim wrote:
It's been a good run. I never imagined id spend so much money on a game.

I hope 3.0 does not destroy everything I've come to like about the game.

Bro, they already have destroyed what was good about this game... n made it better. to some degree.. so im not disappointed. i still enjoy the game a lot, even though it aint what it used to be.. the added itemisation and build options make up for it..
Smoother than Smooth.
Happy fifth, um, PoE-birthday? Exile-day? Whatever. Happy fifth!
Happy Fifth!!!!

Your facebreaker guide was the first guide I ever read. Its amazing. I remember you getting hacked and almost quitting, I felt your pain. Glad to see you around and still playing!!!!!
Happy anniversary!
[quote="Michael_GGG"]However because we're reasonable people we decided against extending RNG into account bans.[/quote]
Bird lover of Wraeclast
Happy anniversary, Exile! May you (and we all) enjoy many more years to come on Wraeclast's sunny shores. =^[.]^=
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