Five years of Path of Exile!

Hey guys!
So today is my 5th anniversary in Path of Exile and I just wanted to say "Thank you!" to GGG for providing me with thousands of hours of entertainment! Recently i realized that i rarely express my appreciation to the developers of the game that was and is (and it seems like it will be for quite some time) a big part of my life. Those where really the best gaming years of my gaming "career". I will always remember with a smile so many PoE moments - My first ground slam marauder farming felshrine for hours with my awesome 6L mace (took me just 7 jeweler and 3 fusings to link it... and i still have a screenshot of it on my facebook page), playing for 32 hours non-stop when i first got in the closed beta, buying the first Lioneye's Remorse in the game for 30-something gcps after 3 days of bidding against a couple of players (my facebreaker guy used that shield for years!), my first unique drop (a quillrain in the lower prison-cruel), the time when i've made my facebreaker guides and later my flicker strike guide (and people seemed to enjoy them!), taking care of the marauder /duelist /templar build lists, buying my first headhunter, getting "The Doctor" drop from a Springs map, buying a mirrored 2h sword (my first and so far only mirrored item), finding one of the first hegemony's eras, realizing it's nothing special and selling it for 70(!) exalts, trading in closed beta (each player used to drop the item in the coast and then run to grab the item dropped by the other player) and adding to your friends list the guys who didn't try anything funny, hitting level 100 with my Duelist, a guy (name) being the N1 slayer in a race using my flicker strike guide and giving me one of his demigod dominance rewards, getting tentacle wings from a single mystery box(and it happened when i had an especially bad day... the box new!), pvp-ing with my afk reflect/cast when hit/cast when stunned + death's oath, shav ring and aegis aurora (man the reactions were priceless especially from cyclone user since it was a very popular skill at the time - and for them more hits = more pain and misery), doing LLD for a couple of weeks and reaching top 10 , getting hyper hyped before every patch, many pleasant chats with random exiles, and so on and so on... so many good memories!
Of course there was some bad stuff too - vendoring a rainbowstrides (when they were expensive), vendoring a 20/20% spark, being insulted in every possible way when a guy got upset because i gave him "only" 1 item for free, dying due to lag at level 98 at 99% exp, getting my account hacked and loosing pretty much half of what i've grinded in 4 years, ... but in the end it's all part of the PoE experience.
Well i guess i just wanted to tell you guys over GGG, that you've given me so much joy and for that i would be eternally grateful! You are awesome and i can't wait to see where PoE will go from here!

P.S. I wanted to write something inspired, meaningful and profound... well... i guess that's not gonna happen. Anyway, wish you all the best and good luck!
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Happy PoE birthday !
see you in 5 years for the 10 th birthday !!!

... nothing
Happy PoE Birthday indeed! May you have many more.
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Welcome to the half-decader club. :D
Holy (valued) wall of text.
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I'm probably over 5y mark on my other account. It was a pretty good deal altogether, PoE eats away so much time in this way or the other you can't really get to play other games properly, which is good in more ways than one.
Есть один путь - наверх!

It's been a good run. I never imagined id spend so much money on a game.

I hope 3.0 does not destroy everything I've come to like about the game.
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Congrats on your 5th anniversary youngster :p but that was a huge wall of text o.O
Congrats ! Used your facebreaker build back in days, it was a lot of fun !
Gl for the next 5 years :)
Huh. Didnt notice. Yesterday was my fifth too. Actually i played more on the fifth anniversary than i have in ages. And i whipped Dear the Shiny Kiwi out for the first time in years.

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