Kuan Master Crafting Service |||| All masters 8 ||| Leo 5

TO ALL SERVICES YOU NEED TO ADD COST OF CRAFTING CURRENCIES (best option would be if you know it by yourself but you can also ask me if youre not sure)

Hello all!

I provide same service few last leagues.
Here is link from webarchive:


My Ign is:

Lvl 8 crafting 10 chaos
Vagan Bleed/BM: 3 chaos
Elreon ES%/EV%/ARM%: 3 chaos
Vorici recolour - 3 chaos
Rest services - ANY TIP

You have to add crafting cost.

Elreon 8
Haku 8
Catarina 8
Tora 8
Vagan 8
Vorici 8
Zana 7
Leo 5
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Responded fast and did the proper enchants. Cool guy and trustworthy.
made me decent % es roll for my ring.

Trustworthy + rep
(HC) YoloMaraa 86 lvl RFCYC *** (Tal.HC) GemlingPrototypeB 92 lvl SRS
(Tempest) GemlingPrototypeA 91 lvl SRS - RIP ***** (Tempest) LowFpsHighDPS 90 lvl - cocBalls
(Tempest) ItsMjolnerTime 91 lvl - RainbowMjolner ***** (HC) ChooChooDPSTRain 93 lvl WayneTrain
Removed a craft prefix for me.

+1 Trust.
How do I contact you ingame? Interesed in elreon %es on ring. Got mats + fee ready! pm ingame AuraNignog
Helped me with a craft reliable and trusted! Thanks!

And this is final result after 2 rounds

Good service :)
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vouch +1 quick and painless
+1 - cannot roll attack mods :^)

4s + 4l and colors

+1 quick and nice

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