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tsftd wrote:
The going to console thing is concerning to me . a lot. also not giving any of your backers any perks for this new console version is concerning (to me).

??? it's a business decision, they expect to reap more microtransactions from the XBONE version than it costs to maintain it. I fail to see how it's concerning or why we should get any "perks" for it...

IMO it's a very bad business decision. I've put more into POE (I think around 450$ in packs) than Smite, but SMITE similarly had a lot of pre-release skins and never to be had again mtx/skins and when they went to Xbox they did allow a window for patrons to get what they had invested on the Xbox version. (Which is why its funny Chris said it cant be done, go look at Smite - which was stand alone from PC version as well)

Here is why IMO its a bad business decision.

POE is a hardcore leaning game its hard to understand & on Xbox will be in an even MORE competitive environment where most console gamers aren't looking for ARPGs. There is a lot of loyal players here who WILL NOT want to start over with no tabs, no MTX, no prior items/rewards like myself who has been supporting since 2012 in closed beta.

Now, if they had atleast given me some of the coins over on Xbox I might be tempted to ACTUALLY play Xbox and in turn get some of my xbox friends to try the game and in turn get some of them to spend money.

The tldr; version is - don't incentivize your current player base to try out the xbox version and I really cant see how its going to be a hit. That's my opinion but to me it makes way more business sense to try to get ur PC guys to get new players into the fold on console vs making a lot of them not want to try it at all - why would I even download it on Xbox - my PC works fine & I keep my 450$ in MTX/tabs

That said this is just my opinion, im not losing sleep over it. I enjoy the PC version and probably still wouldn't play it on Xbox, but that said if they actually did something for current supporters who had no idea we'd ever be making development and resource sacrifices for console games I prob would have atleast played it a bit.
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I don't really understand when people say that PoE is too complex to be on a console. While a large proportion of players enjoy bubble gum games like CoD (insert number here), there are also a vast range of intelligent, complex and punishing games available too. Diversity is not impossible to achieve.

No doubt GGG believe that there is enough interest in the world to sustain both a PC and Xbox player base, and I tend to believe them. It's likely most existing PC players aren't going to decamp for the Xbox, though some will play across both. I've got friends who have rubbish computers but will happily team up on the Xbox so I'll probably dabble in both.

Going by this singular type of mentality Apple should have stuck with computers and never branched out into iPods, Laptops, iPads and iPhones, they'll just be wasting resources and splitting their customer base after all.

It's a big world guys, plenty to share.

Considering I've played through all the acts about 25 times and couldn't tell you much AT ALL about the storyline - and no one can unless they really try to pay attention and look at clues. I'd say so.

That doesn't say anything about the quality of the story. The story of PoE is much more complex and it is not pushed down your throat (or rather ears) like D3's, so it might be harder to get.
IMO, the story of PoE is better, although I don't dislike D3's (but I hate the way it is presented).

Jumping in on this - I never understood this "shoving the story down your throat" comment. If the method of delivering the story is no better than a cinematic, then skip it. However, using voice-overs, or text, in a video game, is the equivalent of using voice over or text in a movie. "Show, don't tell" is writing 101, and in a new entertainment medium that is centuries removed from spoken word, or writing, why are we listening to/reading the story? Why aren't we shown the story? Or, since we're playing a video game, why aren't we PLAYING the story?

I see the whole voice/text easter eggs as a poor story delivery method for a video game. They're there because GGG simply doesn't have the time, or budget, to make those stories playable. To show, not tell.

But to turn this poor shortcoming of delivering the story as being happy it's not "shoved down our throat"?? I just don't get that. Do you want to know the story or not? If you do, why do you want to read about it in the game? Read it in the book, or the website. In the game, the story should be played. I'd rather have a cinematic, then, at least it's showing the story. If I don't want it "shoved down my throat" i can skip it, like you skip the voice-overs.

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It's not one or the other -- Keeping the tech tree as it is but granting more points per re spec orb would be a great way to have both worlds. The fun of D3 and the nerdy builds of PoE.
It's not one or the other -- Keeping the tech tree as it is but granting more points per re spec orb would be a great way to have both worlds. The fun of D3 and the nerdy builds of PoE.

No.Keep this shit away.
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I would disagree that the gem linkig system encourages spamming. It does make it worthwhile to max out a coupe of key skills, but there are useful combos to use.

Also, with the emphasis on movement trickery, you should* always have a movement skill ready to go. For me, it's Leap Slam or Lightning Warp... those two are proven winners in my book, although there are people who swear by Whirling Blades for particular builds.

My Legacy league starter Juggy uses Earthquake as main skill, with Leap Slam (see?) for movemnt, Abyssal Cry for flavor, and Vaal Ground Slam because, well, this dude is all about the pretty explosions. Oh, and Ancestral Warchief for when I feel that I need a little more killyness. Doesn't sound like much, but it isn't just EQ spam, which I can do to a degree, but the other skills give me certain bits of utility that I can't get out of EQ spamming. AC explodes monsters, which is good against enemy necromancers, as well as dealing secondary explosions of chaos damage, which is rarely a bad thing in this game.

*proper use of the word "should"
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Never played D3 intensivly after PoE was suggested to me on the D3 forums back in 2012.
I heard they introduced the Horadrim Cube in the meantime (2015/2016?!).
But what i mostly disliked about D3 was the stat/skill and especially the shallow item-system (which was flat out boring).

They actually planned a PoE like skill gem system, but GGG launched PoE first. So Blizz had to make changes fast so... this is what they did.
I would just like to raise the spectre of old MMO's as an analogue for this whole "one button" thing.

Original Everquest - not one button, but certainly few, and measurable time between presses.

Everquest 2 - One bajillion buttons (almost not an exaggeration) and playstyle was pretty much cooldown whack-a-mole.

Guess which one was more successful/popular?

I'm an old(ish) man, I don't want a skill rotation, I try to avoid potion rotations already. I don't want a charge up - unload combo like the........what was the expansion class in D2? Shadow?

Also, map tier is your built in difficulty slider, in my opinion.
Well, maybe I didn't know what was the Atlas when I wrote this first post, and yet, after couple of days playing in the atlas, my opinion of the game remains quite similar.

This game has some good sides. This game is also complicated for nothing. In a normal game, all you need to do to increase the difficulty is to press ESC, click on options, then gameplay options, and slide that difficulty to "very hard" or whatever it's called. In this game, you have to ...

1- find the map as an item
2- use an item to make it yellow
3- use another item to increase it's quality
4- use another item, a sextant, on the atlas
5- use yet another item, a shaper orb this time.

That's just ridiculously complicated for nothing. Most people seems to either be pro Diablo 3 or pro PoE ; some people even told me my IQ just was too low to deal with the system ( lol ). Items are found using the RNG, and RNG is just luck.

Making a good build in the tech tree might be somewhat complicated, but playing one sure isn't ; you just press one button to kill everything. Some builds require two buttons.

Why magic find doesn't affect currency drops is beyond me. Even if I make a magic find build, I'm still not gonna find more maps from bosses?

You cannot make a good build unless you understand the game fully. And orbs to re-spec just 2 points are so costly. This system only penalizes newbs. Nothing else. Penalizing newbs isn't good.

The game has plenty of skills, yes, but about half those skills are worthless just because monsters are too easy to kill. If monsters did, like, 20 % more damage and had 300 % more hp, people would bother using skills like conversion trap and such. But nope. Too easy. Running speed and dps is the only thing that matters now.

Many skills are also lack luster. Most are just an aoe size and a type of damage. Need more mechanics in. A chain to pull enemies and stuff.

The balancing of the game is good enough, but it could be better. As of now, it mostly consists of 1 shotting monsters and being 1 or 2 shotted by bosses.

I'm still having fun as I obviously haven't explored all the builds yet, but for now long? Long story short, PoE is a game tailored only for people that wants to clear shit super quick and nobody else. I always hated that play style. My Diablo way was to go slower but with way harder monsters and more magic find but sadly, PoE doesn't give us that opportunity. I'm only having fun playing alone because the moment I open my game to the public, you can be sure there's 1 guy that's gonna join my game and he's gonna move faster than me. He's gonna skip bosses or normal monsters. The moment a guy in your team is faster than you, the game just isn't fun.

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