How to Report Bugs - Read before posting!

Here are some simple steps to reporting bugs and crashes you find.

Note that it is always a good idea to back up your content.ggpk file. It will let you restore the game without downloading it all again if the client becomes corrupt.

1. Check the Known Issues thread.

2. Take a screenshot with debug info
Enter "/debug" into chat and then take a screenshot by pressing F8. The screenshot is saved to your Documents/My Games/Path of Exile folder.

3. If it is a graphical glitch, we also need your pc specs
Include Operating System (Windows version), RAM/Memory, Video card, and anything else relevant. Dxdiag is a good way to find all this information, and check if your graphics card is healthy. (Run > dxdiag)

4. Post it
If you post in the forums keep your title descriptive. If someone else has the same bug, post in there instead. We may not be able to reply, but we do check every post when we have the chance. The more descriptive your title, the greater chance it will be noticed and fixed, and the easier our jobs are!

If you can't get a screenshot, we need as much as you can tell us about reproduction steps. The zone you were in, the skills you were using, the monsters you were fighting - Anything that might provide a reason for the problem.

If you get a Client or Instance crash, we receive a report automatically the next time you start your client. Report it here in a thread only if you have reproduction steps that will let us find the problem.

Important! Make sure you only have one bug per report. We want to be able to resolve reports if bugs are fixed, or have others be able to respond to bugs easily.

Also, confirm that there are no other threads reporting this issue, and post your bug in there if that is the case. More reports are always good, but only if they are in one place, rather than spread over many different threads. To search only the Bug Reports forum, put this at the start of your search in google, as this will only show the posts from the Support and Bug Reports forum:
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