Why is there a 8Second cooldown on it :( and why is there only one enchant to reduce that cooldown D:
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Because summoners are supposed to be clunky.
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Makes no sense why they should be forced into clunky mechanics just "because"
Don't ask me, but it's most likely about being able to naturally scale with content. It's something like trade, it's dead useful and also very clunky to compensate, or like unarmed, you don't need to invest in a weapon so the attack speed is slow and your skill selection is very limited.

Now, it might have been the original intention back when the game was slower and everyone ran summoners for MF, heck, it was back when people were still doing dedicated MF chars. In the current meta summoners are already clunky enough without extra sources of clunkiness.
Есть один путь - наверх!
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ikr lol
Yeah, it's just that some parts of the game are still stuck in 2013. I'm sure devs would like to bring it all up to level but with the current development pace it's hard to keep up.

Besides, they prefer doing it by segment, it's easier to keep the game alive that way. You do the big DoT rework and the people come back to check it out, small incremental changes are hard to present so I expect we will have a 'big summoner rehaul' in near future.
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