[2.5] BSC - ComeBack is Real - CI Quad Curse Kitava Occultist Blade Vortex / Shaper Down w/ Video


very impressive what I see on the linked videos. I'm about to start playing the game for the first time so I don't have any experience regarding gear, powers, stats and so on. Is there some kind of leveling guide for this build so that I don't miss anything important or don't do anything wrong which I'd have to fix with even more effort or even start all over? :)

Thank you very much!
Done the math :

Added chaos beats void manipulation by good margin.

Too lazy to upload my excel tho.
Hi , thank's for your build.

To what level are you going to Blade Vortex please?

I'm level 48 atm and firestorm is too boring for me :)

Avmantox wrote:
I have farmed uber lab, and killed Chimera and Minotaur pretty easily with this both deathless. Minotaur was a joke.

I decided to change my weapon for the Scourge claw so I can shield charge/fortify. And also just use the jewel I talked about in an earlier post for the mana cost. I do not use enlighten at the moment, and run a lightning golem as well. And I'm blitzing thru everything the game is throwing at me.

I havn't tried t16s since I changed my weapon, but my profile is open if people wanna take a look. It's 2am here, so going to start shapers tomorrow I think :P

A lot of fun with the build, really enjoying it esp with my lil tweaks I'm running now.


Edit Shaper down boys

May I ask, how did you kill Chimera? Isn't this guy poison immune? Having alot of troubles with him.
Is this build viable yet?

I made a few changes and i went for aoe nodes because i like to have more aoe but i had to give up some mana and curse nodes. I went for valyrium instead of chayula because i had an op amulet sitting around and i have like 10kes more than enough to tank end game bosses, so yeah thanks for sharing with us this awesome build.
Hi, update :)

Atm i'm level 85. Ubber Lab down easy!

My gear:


I need boots with Movement speed :( ,but your build is great!

Thank's again!


11 389 ES (level 88) now with Discipline lvl 20.
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hi there ;)

Thanks for this lovely build ! ;)

Really enjoying it :) Still need some upgrades but doing good with 9.4k ES :)

One question.. for regular atziri, how would u deal with curse reflection? shoud i spam curse immune flask or there's other way ?

EDIT : Also about The Scourge ? Kinda hesitant to buy it, but will it really be better than using apep's ?
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Maomenaso wrote:
Is this build viable yet?

Sure it's viable.
vick666 wrote:
Hi , thank's for your build.

To what level are you going to Blade Vortex please?

I'm level 48 atm and firestorm is too boring for me :)


You can start using BV with posion from Cruel.

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