The Carnage Mystery Box launch was a huge success! For today's news post we'd like to share the videos of each individual microtransaction with you. As there are several microtransactions in the box, we decided to split the videos into two news posts. Today we have the first half, and we're going to post the second half next week. We hope you enjoy it!
Additionally, Chris participated in The Lioneye's Watch Podcast today, answering some questions about the Atlas of Worlds expansion and the Essence Challenge Leagues. Make sure to check it out!

  • Vampiric Wings

  • Carnage Armour Set

  • Carnage Weapon

  • Carnage Body Armour

  • Carnage Gloves

  • Carnage Helmet

  • Carnage Boots

  • Grasping Hands Pet

  • The Lioneye's Watch Podcast

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