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It seems I can't log in with Alias/SessionID with 1.8.5 :).
Edit: Clicking on connect just disables the buttons and nothing appears in the log.
Edit2: It couldn't write files, because of permissions. Maybe you could add a message in the log about that :)
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Having trouble with the setup, I have procurement installed on a seconday hard drive (D:\) when the installer asks where i want to install procurement, i expand D:\ and start to scroll down and the installer hangs. I've redownloaded it, restarted computer, and it still crashes. It's the only program that does this and I can even re-install the last version of procurement and it doesn't crash.

I have to use taskmanager to end the setup.exe

Edited to say,

Thanks for the hardwork, this program makes POE's trading a lot more manageable!
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Hello, I copied my installation folder to another computer but is not showing my buyouts, I checked the buyouts.xml file and is fine (containst all the buyouts), the program is not showing them though.

Anybody else got this problem when changing computers? Thanks!
Issue fixed - ignore this post
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If Procurement is installed to a location that requires admin rights to modify, then you need to launch it with Run as Administrator for it to work. Might want to make Procurement store the login/user info in Documents or something instead of the installed folder.
hi i downloaded the new update and say i have 3 of 1 kind of gem and i want to sell 2 of it, it puts up all 3 automatically without me adding the 3rd. it wasnt doing this before. i want to sell my gems but it keeps putting up ones i dont want to sell
I missed when you added this, but procurement remembers the specific tabs I use to upload previously.... this is so amazing for those of us with 150 tabs...

Thank you procure based god.
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When I try to log in to procurement nothing happens other than the email and password text becoming grayed out.
My buyouts were not saved, and the only reason I updated was because it says they would be. When I look into previous buyout pages there is nothing listed to copy over(no buyouts listed that is), what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the awesome app. One suggestion, though:

When installing procurement 1.8.5 the default installation directory is "C:\Procurement". Installing to the Windows root directory is bad and against Microsoft's Windows software design guidelines. I suggest it be changed to "C:/Program Files (x86)/".

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