Chieftrain EQ Ancestral Warchief Buildfeedback

Hey Exiles,

just a few Informations about me, i started Playing Poe like 4 Weeks ago and for a Starter it was rly hard to get intro but after watching 1000000+ Hours of Guides from Crafting to lvling to Starter Builds and Guides i wanted to create my own Build for the next Season and i ended up with a Chieftrain EQ Marauder that makes use Of the Ancestral Warchief Totem for the little bit extra Dmg for harder Bosses and safety.

For me and my little knowlege this build makes a bit sense but i would rly like to get some feedback and maybe improvement of the build itself.

The passive Skilltree will look something like this:


The Skilltree will make use of the most "common" EQ nodes in the tree while grabing some totem nodes aswell to boost it up a little bit.

For the Gemsetup i thought something like this can work.

The Gems atleast for utility and CWDT and Mobility are more common i would say but i dont know how well the Gems for EQ and Warchief will work out i hope they do well together.

The good think i think the Build has is it doesnt needs a unique to work. And this will help in a new league. In the lvlingphase i dont need a specific weapon and in the lategame i dont need to spec intro maces or axes bcs i grabed mostly two handed dmg nodes and no specific axe or mace nodes.

I wanted to start playing Hc and i think i grabed enough life, resists and armor while picking up extra Endurance charges that we will generate from Warlordsmark (also this should solve manaproblems). Frenzygeneration will be Bloodrage, while having fortify linked to leap.

The CWDT setup will help me in harder fights and is overall nice to have.

Mobilitywhise we will just leap around as usual i would say.

The fights will start something like this. Bloodrage, place totem, Leap in Eq = hopefuly everything is death till then and repead.

I hope i dont forgott things to say about my thoughtprocess or the build itself and the links will work fine. I look forward for Feedback and thanks for your time guys.

Have a nice and stay safe ;).
Last bumped on Sep 1, 2016, 11:00:42 AM

You're trying to do too much with this.

Forget the Bloodrage, your dex will not be anywhere near high enough for you to level the skill past level 3. Currently your build has 64 dex which makes Bloodrage gem level 3. You're investing a Frenzy node and 3 skill points in tree just for that. Granted you can pick up dex in items, you really want to go down this route as a beginner? Put in Enduring Cry.

Another thing you need to decide. Will your weapon be physical, elemental or mix of both? You have quite a bit of elemental + melee physical nodes picked up in tree. I'd suggest picking one or the other, not both, depending on your wep of course.

In your tree you missed 3 two-point Jewel nodes. Those are considered worth the investment, always. You need decent jewels, but even OK ones are usually worth at least 2 nodes.

You have 2 x melee phys dmg in your chest piece, doesn't apply twice. Not crazy about inc + conc area gems for same skill. Use one or the other, I'd go with conc. Put in faster attacks and possibly reduced duration instead of the extra melee phys dmg and inc aoe, if you get 2x 6 links :)

Maybe mana starvation won't be a huge issue as it's not worth spamming EQ skill, but I have a little concern with that.

Maybe something like this as a tree? I've picked up all 2 point jewel nodes + endurance charge nodes. Other notables Rampart node ("Fortify" nodes), Scion hp wheel. This tree now has 213%


2h axe

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