[2.4] Brofessional Necrophiliac 11k+ ES, Uber Viable, Millions of DPS (with Videos)

This is my version of the detonate dead that is uber viable (deathless). It is extremely powerful in terms of damage. We are basically able to kill all uber bosses with one cast of detonate dead.

Deathless UBER Atziri
Uber Trio Deletion
Uber VAAL Bosses Deletion

Class Tree:

Level 91 Occultist

How it works:
Converting all of the fire damage (or most of the fire damage if you are using non-legacy consuming darks) into chaos damage allows us to do millions of DPS and instantly kill any boss.
We use desecrate combined with cluster traps to spawn a gajillion corpses. Then we use detonate dead with cluster traps to blow up our corpses into a fine bloody mist. This bloody mist has two effects, causes initial chaos damage along with damage over time due to the poisonous bloody mist that lingers.
This build is very safe and also flexible. I have left some empty sockets in the gear to allow you to put in whatever you want per your preference (i.e. Vaal DD, whirling blades...etc).
The occultist ascendancy is the best class for this build, period. Review all the nodes on the tree (including the ascendancy nodes) to see why.

We use the sunblast belt along with a couple of cheap construction jewels to cause our traps to instantly trigger.

Skill Point - Skill Point - Skill Point


Temporal Chains (Or Vulnerability)

Ice Golem (for crit to help with elemental overload proc) or Flame Golem (for increased elemental damage)

Gear and Links:

Required Gear:
To maximize for damage, you should get legacy consuming dark daggers. If you can't, that's fine too. The build does a lot of damage either way.

My Current Gear:
The rest of the gear is flexible, focus on maxing out your resistances and getting as much ES as possible.

These are the current jewels that I'm using.

This is what I currently use. You can switch them out per your preference

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YOU ARE POEfessional M8!!


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Damiano_POL wrote:
YOU ARE POEfessional M8!!


No problum.
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hello i try your build... pls tell me what damage you are on dd with incresed aoe. amd how you survive thanks
great build
bercenizone wrote:
hello i try your build... pls tell me what damage you are on dd with incresed aoe. amd how you survive thanks

The damage is a lot. You can even use increased AoE against uber bosses and kill them extremely fast. In terms of how I survive these uber runs, it's simple, throw the traps ahead of you and dodge any heavy hitting skills. You can see in the linked videos how I play.
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Hi,Why not Energy From Within jeWel under Melding cluster? More es Or more dmg jeWels :)Also gem links on 4 And 5links prio,cos neW leAgue cAnt stArt With 6l ;)
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Hello. I was wondering which build you personally prefer between this and the "chaos orb" trapper build you've made a while ago.
what about maps, good clear speed?
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Mainoffender wrote:
what about maps, good clear speed?

I'm curious too :)

Like the detonation play style, its different from all other builds.

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