[3.2] Sherkhan's Snowflake: Nuro's Crit LA/BA [one-shot shatter mobs; permafreeze bosses]

First things first: Powerpoint presentations

I'm recording on a 2010 T410 Intel Integrated Craphics setup. It's harder for me to record than it is for you to watch ;>

L83 run to boss in T11 map. Nothing special - quick view of the playstyle in an open map.

L85 run to boss in T14 map with reduced crit etc. Piety is dicey when the reduced dmg mods make me lose permafreeze. But she dropped a Core.


The traditional approach towards ele attack builds is that you have to stack flat damage auras and scale based on attack speed and critical chance. Physical damage had better +% modifiers on the tree, so pure pdps weapons were regarded differently from edps weapons.

Nuro's offers a concept previously unavailable in POE: a high single-element edps (230+ cold dps; 7.5 crit) weapon that can be scaled using the girthy physical damage nodes on the tree and has the added benefit of scaling from the cold/ele penetration nodes off the tree. Compared to mixed elemental builds, Nuro's offers higher damage scaling off the tree (~+400% vs ~+200%), and 100% penetration effectiveness (51% from tree+gem) - implying higher effective DPS and better performance in EE/80%res maps. Compared to pdps builds, Nuro's offers perma-freeze and shatter (useful vs birds and porcupines) as a previously unavailable mechanic (and no - Hatred doesn't offer nearly the same freeze as Nuro's, on any bow), as well as scaling from +% WED on gear and on the tree.

At first glance, streamers and the community had completely written off Nuro's. I don't see much of a change in perspectivea few months later, so I'm putting my build out here.


This build does extremely high AOE and single target damage, while utilizing a freeze/shatter mechanic normally attributed to no-DPS support characters.

Defense in this build comes from (a) freezing/chilling enemies, (b) 40/46 dodge through tree + Steps, (c) mitigating the rare hit using Kintsugi (which is not necessarily BiS), (d) HP stacking as much as possible on the right side (e) decent armor (7k+). The HP stack (4-5k) is much lower than in most of my builds, but hasn't been a problem in red maps so far.

Offence comes from (a) adding base flat cold damage off Nuro's, rings, amulet, gloves, and the Added Cold gem, (b) scaling the flat cold via the Cold Steel unique jewel to convert the physical bow attack dmg nodes at Ranger, (c) scaling critical chance/damage, (d) maximising penetration through the Cold Penetration gem, Fangs of Frost, and Forces of Nature (e) fading pierce chance from Powerful Precision for nearby mobs; +1 Chain from Ricochet paired with Far Shot and the return mechanic for distant mobs, (f) Burning arrow to deliver maximum single-target DPS (Blast Rain is better for knockback pinning; BA is better for freeze duration), (g) Ignite from Hrimburn to boost DPS.

The playstyle is largely spam at mobs, pin down bosses with the single-target attack.

The "Snowflake" moniker stems from the fact that I utilize several non-intuitive mechanics: fading pierce + chain, almost pure cold dmg with lightning arrow for AOE and burning arrow for ST, ele crit bow without bothering with Windripper or attack speed.


Tree. L 88

Bandits. Oak [N], Kill [C], Kraityn/Kill [M] - choose Kraityn if you like Blood Rage.


6L: LA + GMP + ICS + WED + Added Cold + Cold Pen
6L: BA + ICS + ICD + WED + Added Cold + Cold Pen (or swap BA+ICD for BR+Conc)
4L: Ice Golem + Cull + Blind + IIR
4L: Arctic Armor + Grace + Blood Rage + Blink Arrow
4L: CWDT + BL + Blind + Frost Bomb (iffy) Maybe Vaal Grace here


Helm: Rat's Nest [or Starkonja, Devoto's]. Ideally with +2 LA enchant.
Gloves: Hrimburn. Ideally with EleWeak or Temp Chains corruption.
Boots: Atziri's Step
Belt: High HP, Res
Quiver: High HP, Crit, Multi, Acc, WED
Amulet, Rings: High flat cold dmg, HP, res
Chest: Kintsugi [Tabula will work till your 90s]; any other Ev, Ev/Ar unique works
Jewel: Cold Steel, placed at Ranger; HP etc placed near Scion

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How do you deal with reflect?
Completed 18 ChallengesLucasbt wrote:
How do you deal with reflect?

Ele Reflect maps are a no-go.

Ele Reflect rares aren't an issue. My AOE damage is frequency based, not severity based - i.e. I hit often. I have 40% attack dodge, 14k evasion and Arrow Dancing. I basically leech back any reflect damage I do to myself.
Have you considered using hyrri's ire for even more added cold damage, on top of dodge? I know kintsugi is all the flavour, for good reason, but hyrri's seems perfect for what you're doing.
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Completed 19 ChallengesWooser69 wrote:
Have you considered using hyrri's ire for even more added cold damage, on top of dodge? I know kintsugi is all the flavour, for good reason, but hyrri's seems perfect for what you're doing.

Yes- thought hard about it.

Thematically, Hyrri's seems to fit very well at first glance. The flat cold dmg and chances to dodge stack well with my current setup. However, I already have 511 average flat cold damage across my gear, so the 13-24 Hyrri only provides a 3.4% DPS boost. Also, while the 10/10 dodge is nice (reduces incoming attacks by 16% and spells by 18%), I have a ton of avoidance on this build, and what I really need is HP/ES+mitigation to absorb the occasional hit.

Kintsugi's meshes perfectly with the rest of my setup. Due to playstyle + dodge/eva/arrowdance, I rarely get hit - which means Kint's mechanic is almost always in play. It also provides the little bit of HP to boost my scant life, something that's missing from Hyrri. Effectively, Kint makes my HP 25% more effective against incoming burst damage that I've failed to avoid - and I value that more than taking 16% less frequency damage.

The only other chest I'd consider is Kaom's. However, that'd push my single target to a 4L (or I might as well spam my LA for the same DPS), which reduces the boss-freeze potential.

[I didn't realize Kint was fotm till I tried to swap my self-linked Coil for it; it sucks when something you need for a good reason is overpriced for a bad reason ;>]

Do you think this build is HC viable and if so what changes if any would you make?
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How about those 60% chance to avoid elemental ailments map mod, or immu to elemental ailments map mods

these are extremely common when rolling red maps.
I really like your build idea.
But why aren't you using Wrath?

You would gain a lot dmg and perma shock.. Both together is like easily 70% more dmg.

Also, why are you going as Deadeye? Is the chain mandatory?
Thought about your build a bit, and would probably start as Inquisitor, since you wouldnt need any penetration, you would get a lot crit multiplier, and you could use the consecrated ground perfectly -> additional regen, immunity to status ailments (SUPER COOL), inc dmg and attack speed.

But would be really curious about if the 1 additional chain is important.. otherwise I would give it a try as Inquisitor (or even Juggernaut but not really sure about that).
Again, for all the builds that heavily rely on elemental status, how do you deal with map that has immu or -60% elemental status mods?


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