[Not a bug] Caustic Arrow - 2 or more players

Caustic Arrow (cloud damage) does not stack itself - that's okay (would be to good otherwise).

But when playing with another player we realized and verified, that only one's damage was taken into account.

As these are two different players that cannot play together it's not okay, simple as that. If the Caustic Arrow comes from different player of course both should be taken into account (like any other damage from two different players) - so I report this as a bug and hope for a fix soon, as I cannot play with a good friend of mine anymore (ore have to reroll some other spec).

Last bumped on Jun 6, 2016, 5:53:37 PM
This is not a bug. Just like ignites, and most other damage over time, multiple instances do not stack - only the strongest one is in effect at any time.

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