Infernal Blow Gladiator Build Help

hey guys.

i was thinking of playing a tanky charactar with still high clearspeed at the beginning of prophecy hardcore league. i want to use Infernal Blow as mainskill, so the damage will come mostly from killing the weakest enemy around and then the chainreaction explosions will deal with the rest.

my skilltree atm would look like this link is from the offline skilltree planer

i have no special items in mind to use with the build except for lioneyes remorse but if someone has suggestions im open for it.
since the explosions of infernal blow are not reflected, is this the same case with the explosion of Gratuitous Violence?
for auras im not sure what to use. im thinking of grace for the start till i get enough armor to make the switch to determination worth it, and than go with either blasphemy and maybe enfeeble or for a bit more damage herald of ash and then curse with cast when damage taken.

id really like to know ur guys opinions on my build in general and also on the skilltree itself.
IGN Dontdieforkingass
Last bumped on Jul 29, 2016, 11:27:59 PM
I just made an infernal blow build and wanted to look up builds on forums and I saw yours....
Your tree is 100% identical to mine.

Did you end up making the build?

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