[2.2] CI Oro's Flicker Strike Trickster

I'll try to get a better understanding of Accuracy then, sorry.

I don't think accuracy will make a big enough difference, but Ignite would. I could take Breath of Flames for a little more. I would definitely need more than 10% though to make a noticeable difference. I don't mind Leap Slamming to regain charges during bosses, as Flicker was never really a skill for high single target to burst down bosses. Are you suggesting I pick up more Ignite chance on the tree, or run Chance to Ignite? I don't think I can make room for chance to ignite on flicker setup.

I have no Anger in the video because it is an outdated version of the build. The guide used to have the non-Anger version with my character tree and an updated tree, but I recently respec'd my character into the updated tree.

Thanks for all the discussion/suggestions.
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by removing foresight ( -20% es), we gain 4 nodes

by removing aoe blast radius, 4 nodes, but we put them in ES+ int, we gain 2 nodes and 5% es, we lose aoe radius ( it hurts melee splash)

we put two nodes in written blood we gain 10% es, lose 2 nodes but can remove an intelligence node, we gain 1 node

then we have 5 nodes usable, 4 to pick ignite chance breath of flame. and one free node for whatever we want.

we lose 5% es for 10% ignite 20% fire and also a very bad 15% burning damage !

But it limits the evolution after lvl 90 because... we cant go to foresight cluster anymore without a lot of nodes :c

BUT BUT, for the level 92 you can pick depth perception for accuracy and a bit of crit chance, not awesome.. but it may stabilize! 32% accuracy is not bad ! you only have 30% increased accuracy on oro's and a LOOOOOOOT of flat accuracy on the gear.

so depth perception gives you 650 accuracy. 2754 accuracy

BOOM 91% chance to hit! 3% more damage for 3 nodes is okeish, however it will stabilize the ignite chance and crit chance. Plus against lvl 82 monsters it's more efficient. You are around 90% to hit against lvl 82 monsters! 3-4 % more than without thoses nodes.

so at lvl 92 compared to your previous setup,

you lose 15% inc es (if you took es nodes next to foresight) and gain 20% fire, 10% ignite 3-4% chance to hit (3-4% more damage, ignite proc/crit) 2% crit chance 15%burning damage

If this 10% ignite chance is not enough, we can find jewel with 5% ignite chance very easily, they are cheap with AS 2 handed weapon mods

If you wish you can remove snowforged too to get depth perception. the crit will be the same
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Any can make a 3.0.2 Passive Skill Tree plz ?

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