The Goddess gone Wild (TGU - wild strike - perma buff)

Here is a build using TGU (The Goddess Unleashed) and Wild Strike based on stacking attack speed and elemental damage.

I hope you will enjoy it. It's still Work In Progress but i expect to finish it soon. It's not supposed to be a high end farmer build. Just something fun and usable with this sword. I think that at the end, it could go into mid tier map without difficulties.

Gameplay and Video
When i crafted my TGU, i got a really bad roll on the critical chance (the worst 44%)so i decided to focus my build on attack speed. I wanted a perma blind in order to maximize the defense and for that matter perma ignite the foes to gain "Her blessing" continuously.

The only class able to do it for me was the elementalist witch, with her conflux ability and the elemental penetration.


Item requirements and jewels

First of all you'll need The Goddess Unleashed, which is automatically crated in 6L. Considering the cost of fusing, that's really great. You can craft it or buy it.

Be careful if you craft it, there is a wide gap between the min/max on the roll. Prepare a bunch of Divine just in case.

An other required unique is the Emberwake ring. The ignite damage will be 80% less, but we don't care. Usually, you can't ignite more than once but this ring allows you to stack ignite on the same enemy and that will refresh the "Her blessing" buff.

Other unique items

I use this items in addition.

When used with blood rage, it stacks even more attack speed and accuracy, we need both !

Obviously for the physical damage mitigation.

For the jewels, you'll NEED the +2 manna on hit to sustain the high AS.

Skill gems and links

On the TGU :

The LGoH is better with our fast attack speed than life leech

The totem gives a MORE attack speed multiplier and boold rage is really helpfull.

That doesn't need explanation

This is ideally what i want BUT it still WIP actually it's more purity + temp chain + enlighten lvl2 and Herald of ash alone. That lets me enough mana to do what i need.

The rest of the link are for the golems, i still don't know which one would be the best in the long run. I'm using fire golem for the moment but leveling the others just in case.


25 points

45 points

75 points


You can grab elemental overload when you think it's worth it. It's not a build based on critical because of the Emberwake ring.

The tree is focused on life regen : without purity of fire, the "Her blessing" debuff will dot you for 8.3% of your life per sec on 3 sec. With purity of fire, it's 6.9, add to this the blood rage debuff (4% constantly) and you need more than 10% life regen.

Next step is attack speed and all the elemental damage nodes we can grab. Then life. You got it.


For leveling, i only used these two other swords, just to have something a bit roleplay and it was okay-ish (was helped by using common leveling uniques)I think it can't be done on self loot at the beginning of a league.

Bandits and flasks

Normal : Oak
Cruel : Kraityn
Merciless : Kill all

you can easily understand why I'm using these potions. However, let me explain the writhing jar. The conflux from the witch and the frenzy charges are "on kill" effects. If you need to proc conflux/frenzy against a boss without add, just pop it.

My Items still WIP


special thanks to Geisalt, Adghar and Adser for helping me theorycrafting

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I really need to see a video for this.

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