Upcoming Divination Cards

Redacted. I'm sure there would be crying involved.
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Zophronios wrote:
A card that gives another card... Whats next? A card that gives that card that gives you another card? Pff...


Dude there is already a div card set that gives you another div card, it is called the GAMBLER card.

Love the new cards! ☻
woho my card finaly got added ^^

stian992 wrote:
woho my card finaly got added ^^

Best one of the bunch to be honest.
Rest is ... too .. much .. clutter.
PhillipF wrote:
Is the throne a... Toilet?

Seriously, it looks like his pants are down and he is reading wiping material, I can't help put look at it that way. @_@

The root striker detected
iron hat corrupted next :)

tbh the two stone is very fine, the jewel one is ok as it's better farming it than spending hundreds of alts, the lvl19 gem got to be very common and will add some trading flavor gems wise.
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