[ Perandus SC League ] PA+RF Freeze Pulser Critter Occultist

I think it was 2013, i don't remember, i had a friend named Dreglorgz (Withw0rt) playing something like this; i think it was quite OP back then, so, having the opportunity (i dropped a shav in a un-id t2 rare Ledge), I decided to try it for the lol. This quickly became my best char, my best build, never dealt so much damage being so tanky (i don't play CoC for FPS problems, i don't use Mines or Traps because i think it's boring, i don't like Totems either, i relly just like old-school projectile spells). It was a pain in the ass between lvl 40-68 since i couldn't turn RF on and the dps was a bit low (i don't take many dps nodes, i just take defence, and let Pain Attunement and Righteous Fire rise the tool tip). Right now, i'm having huge fan clearing all the maps i can find (i have some problems with the Village Ruin boss, and didn't try any t15 yet) (i can do all map mods eccept Blood Magic, No Regen is doable by switching Mana Leech in and keeping RF turned off)


void eye to sustain RF before PoF lvl 20

i was uber-lucky in this league, self found the shav, got it 6L before 5L, got few good drops, could buy almost any item i needed quite easily.

Zealot's Oath (10% life regen from tree + 2% from amulet) + Vile Bastion are a very good defence; when receiving too much damage, turn off RF with anti-burn potion, then life Regen becomes imba even against Atziri Bleeding Debuff
The labyrinth is super easy with this build, just keep RF off since dps is good anyway against low level monsters, and turn it on against Bosses to make it quicker. It's atziri viable, but obviously the Dps doesn't make it an easy fight; i'd love to try Uber Atziri, but every time i hit a new level i'm too lazy, and watching the vidoes from other players, it doesn't seems to be an easy task (maybe with more dps could be doable, the ES amount should be enough, right?)

with 4 Power Charges up (that you get for free)

with LMP 20/20% For Normal Action
with Added Cold 20/20% For Tanky Bosses

Ele Ref Setup:

EK+Added Cold+Added Lightning+Faster Casting+Spell Echo+Inc Crit

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pls video.

how do u sustain FP on a 6L without mana leech?

i keep run out of mana...
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i'll try to make a video, but if i record me playing i get bad fps... anyway, i used reduced mana before, then switched to inc crit; i can shoot for two three, 4 seconds (depending on map mods: in 40%/60% reduced regen i put in mana leech of course); when i need to "full" i drink the mana potion, and i can shoot for 9 seconds straight, but never needed to.
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