[2.2][The Masochistic Soul Collector] Max Block, RF, Scold's Incinerate [VIDEO]

Hello. I would like to present to you my Necromancer with which I have a ton of fun playing in Perandus SC.


When ascendancy was released I was immediately hyped for the Necromancer. More specificaly the node "Mistress of Sacrifice". From the start of the league I wanted to make a max block build utilising Bone Offering. The main issue I had was keeping up all the buffs for their full effectivenes. Sustaining Spirit Eater, casting Desecrate in longer fights together with Bone Offering, using my main skill, flasks etc. It all seemed a bit too tedious. So what better way to solve all this than to make everything cast on its own :D

[+] 75% block / 72% spell block (capped with better jewels)
[+] High HP - 6.5k / 850 regen at lvl 91
[+] Insane sustain - 5K hp gained / sec while casting
[+] RF without Rise of the Phoenix :D (minimal degen without vitality, sustainable with it)
[+] High dps - atm 12.3k unbuffed, 31k sustained in battle (RF, Elemental Overload, Spirit Eater)
[+] Sustain Elemental Overload even with Incinerate
[+] Run elemental weakness, vulnerability, -MAX maps with RF due to Zerphi's Sustain
[+] Can use VMS very efficiently for bosses
[+] Grow big as you collect souls which also increases your DPS (max so far was 110K dps)

[-] You will almost instantly die without Zerphi's Last Breath in effect
[-] You will almost instantly die on level up because Zerphi's turns off on full mana
[-] Still very annoying to run elemental weakness, vulnerability, -MAX maps but manageable
[-] Some flask management required ( press 2 or 3 flasks every 7 seconds )
[-] You need a LOT of sockets

How it functions:

To enable a fluent abuse of the mechanics of this build a decently high mana cost and cast speed of our skills is required. Linking Incinerate with Blood Magic and using one Fevered Mind jewel takes care of this.

The Core:

Scold's Bridle makes us take 400% of our mana cost as damage which procs our two CWDT setups.

By linking our main skill with Blood Magic and allocating the keystone Mind over Matter we can maintain a full uptime on Zerphi's Last Breath. This flask not only negates the downside of Scold's Bridle but also heals us for 400% of the mana cost of our skills on each cast.

These can be used to keep track when Zerphi's effect ends. They also make you immune to whatever you roll on them for the full duration.

What the damage taken enables:

Infinite corpses for Bone Offering and procing Elemental Overload with Arc.

100% uptime on Bone Offering and Stone Golem.

Full abuse of the flavor of the month boss killer and clear speed boss VMS!
(Not needed but hey, why not if we can! :D)

Max Block and RF without a Rise of the Phoenix:

The main reason we go Necromancer is to use Bone Offering. At level 20 Bone Offering gives us 35% block and 34% spell block. This is required to achieve max block and almost max spell block (can be capped with better jewels). You could certainly cap block and spell block with a Rise of the Phoenix but the low base of 24% makes this incredibly hard and would require a lot of investment into jewels and other corruptions on your gear. The shield you want to use is a high block shield with an open suffix. We need an open suffix to be able to craft Leos mod "reduced damage taken from damage over time". We are aiming for a high roll of 18-20% to be able to take very little or no damage from RF. With a level 20 PoF, Vitality and Stone Golem together with the regen from the tree you can sustain RF without a RotP. I however decided not to use Vitality since it's not needed. While moving with Whirling Blades and casting Incinerate you will sustain full HP even in -regen or vulnerability maps anyway.

Other requirements to achieve max block and at the moment 72% spell block

With a better or worse corruption roll on Stone of Lahzwar (2-4%) you need more or fewer jewels with "+1% chance to block with shields"

Lvl 23 PoF:

Ah yes, Consuming Dark. +1 to fire gems, no need to use Fire Penetration... Just use it, its OPie :P

Collecting Souls:

I have to thank a friend of mine who introduced me to the following unique belt.

Without ever knowing of its existence it turned out to be the perfect belt for my character. Not only does it have a nice amount of HP and All Res but it also gives us Soul Eater during flask duration. This means that for 6-8 seconds (depending on the belt roll) after we use Zerphi's we begin collecting souls from enemies slain and this boosts our DPS, survivability and clear speed dramatically. Per soul you gain something around 5% cast speed, attack speed, physical mitigation and all resist. The maximum i have ever had was about 70 souls making me phys immune and having over 100k Incinerate DPS.

The only downside of this belt is that while you collect souls for yourself they don't count towards souls for Vaal Molten Shell. So if you really want to use VMS, just swap on another belt for the first two or three packs and you are good to go.

Gear and Links:

In order of importance:
Incinerate - Blood Magic - LMP/GMP - Faster Casting - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction

Cast When Damage Taken lv 1 - Desecrate - Arc - Increased Critical Strikes

Cast When Damage Taken lv 20 - Bone Offering - Stone Golem

Empower lv 3 - Purity of Fire - Purity of Lightning

Vaal Molten Shell - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Increased Duration / Empower
You can use Vaal Caress or any other rare gloves, i just prefer these.

Whirling Blades - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Righteous Fire, Tempest Shield

Passive Skill Tree:



Unbuffed in HO

Using RF with Soul Eater proc, PoF, PoL, Tempest Shield

Using RF woth Elemental Overload and Soul Eater, Pof, PoL, later adding some souls


T11 map with Enfeeble and Fire res (no dmg much) and to top it of RF in a no regen map xD
It's short, laggy and bad quality but my potato can't do better. You get to see the build
in some action though :D Enjoy.


Thank you for taking your time and reading my guide :D
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