Community Streamer Lifting Nerd Bro Reveals Two New Support Gems: Minefield and Elemental Focus

This is awesome, having community members reveal stuff!
Inquisitor templar + 100% crit chance using elemental focus confirm...
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I've only ever played one mine build (Glacial Cascade with Tremor Rod), but that's one more than most... Minefield looks useless. 40% less damage is fucking insane, considering ideally, you want to kill things with one mine. Setting one off twice works because you don't have to set more. Having to set up a lot of mines is not conducive to a good kill speed, meaning not fun. Might be good for PVP though, maybe that's the idea, a nice swap gem for miners?

EDIT: Oh shit, I completely missed the "Place two additional mines" part. Nevermind, that's totally different, lol.

One of these days we're going to need a unique or something that caps or counters "less damage" mods so we can use this gem with Tremor Rod for some crazy mine madness, among other things.
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I am actually really excited about minefield and it should increase my clear speed drastically. I would still like to see GGG revert the mechanics of mine laying back to having the skill drop at your feet. It makes no sense to require anyone using mines to have to hold down SHIFT to use a skill... its awful on the hands and there was no reason for the change. At least give us the option to change it back.

Finally, with all these on kill effects traps/mines are going to be left in the dark if it doesn't apply to them. We have to cast detonate mines so why shouldn't on kill apply to us.
IceDeal wrote:
Inquisitor templar + 100% crit chance using elemental focus confirm...

5% more crit chance and no chance for the crit multi doesn't really sound too desirable to me.
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I was excited about the Ele damage gem, then realized that would completely destroy my Oro flicker build :(
I think the mine support gem is a step in the right direction to make playing mines much smoother. I'd much more appreciate an automated way of triggering mines tho (maybe less duration + mines trigger at the end of their duration).
liftingnerdbro: didn't take this guy serious at the beginning just because of the name, learned again that names aren't everything.

excited about the price of tremor rod in ascendancy..
Mine gem should probably be a generic less damage, rather than mine specific. If it isn't, it's going to be a bit too good for det-totem / reverb rod summoner.

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