[2.2 Korago's "Budget" Life based Mjolner - No Voll's required, updated for Ascendancy!]

Back in patch 2.0.3 the rarity of tier 1 uniques such as mjolner was greatly reduced, which inspired me to write this build. Originally a budget version of the kingsguard voll's devotion "Rainbownuke" build, this build has been through a lot of changes throughout its history, I have now completely rewritten it for 2.2 based on feedback in the thread and my own personal experience.

How it works

This build is based around the unique one handed mace Mjolner, using Lightning / Molten Strike to proc the lightning gems socketed into it. The main damage source of the build comes from the gem Discharge by gained power charges using the unique ring Romira's Banquet and the passive "Resolute Technique"

As this build is budget, only a few items are absolutely required, Mjolner, Romira's Banquet and the fertile mind jewel. Currently on the softcore Perandus league these can be acquired for around 40 chaos, 38 of those spent on Mjolner itself.
The Astramentis amulet is also recommend but can easily be replaced with an Atziri's Foible which can be gotten for a chaos or less.
Required Gear

With the introduction of the berserker ascendancy class for scion the need for a life leech gem in Mjolner has been removed, which allows us to to run lightning penetration instead.

Mjolner gems

The gem setup for Mjolner is fairly standard, discharge is run as the main single target spell, while arc helps clear speed in maps. Lightning pen is used to boost damage on bosses which has always been one of Mjolners main problems. For Atziri and other hard bosses arc is swapped out for Concentrated Effect.

Body Armour / 5/6L gems

For the skill that is actually used to trigger Mjolner the choice is between either Lightning Strike or Molten Strike. I personally prefer Molten Stride but I encourage you to try both, the support gems do not change depending on which you choose to use.
LS / MS is linked up with the following support gems: Faster Attacks, Multi Strike, Greater Multiple Projectiles(GMP), Fortity and Lifegain on hit. On a 4L Fortify and Lifegain on hit are cut and on a 5L lifegain on hit is cut. This build can function just fine on a 4 or 5 link as the gems in Mjolner are the main source of damage.

Auras and movement gems

Aura's / Heralds

For defenses I run Purity of Lightning and Arctic Armour, Purity of Lightning helps mitigate reflect and generally boosts survivability, Arctic Armor helps mitigate the high physical damage of 2.0 and generally makes you a whole lot tankier

Herald of Thunder is run together with Curse on Hit and Warlord's Mark to generate endurance charges which increases your survivability and damage output while also granting you more life leech
Using these three should leave you with a small amount of mana unreserved which prevents us from having to use the blood magic support gem in LS/MS and sustain on mana leech from Romira's Banquet, Mana gain on hit gems can also be used to sustain but I never felt like it was needed

Movement and remaining gems

My choice of movement skill is Leap Slam as this build runs a nice amount of attack speed and gives you another way to access the fortify buff. Leap Slam is run a very standard setup of Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Fortify. Lightning Warp can be run as an alternative if preferred

For another defensive layer I run a level 4 Immortal Call CWDT in the following setup:
Immortal Call - Cast when Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Molten Shell
Vaal Haste, Enduring Cry and Flame Golem are run in the remaining gem slots.

As mentioned earlier only Mjolner and Romira's Banquet and the Fertile Mind jewel are required for this build, there are however, other uniques that I would highly recommend using.
Useful Uniques

Body Armour

There are several choices for body armour, all of which are strong in their own regard.

Daresso's Defiance is my personal choice for the build as it gives everything the build is looking for, being able to generate endurance charges boost both the survivability and damage of the build as cast when damage taken Immortal Call will take priority over the Onslaught buff the chest provides, being able to discharge endurance charges also increases damage and map clear speed

Lightning Coil is another great choice of body armour, being able to mitigate physical damage is extremely useful and the added lightning damage to attacks doesn't hurt either.

Belly of the Beast is my opinion the weakest of the three, being a pure armour chest means it doesn't get an increase from the several evasion nodes taken while traveling, additionally lightning coil offers more general survivability. That being said it is still a very strong chest, the 30-40% increased life and is huge and extra resistances are always welcome.

Best in slot uniques

As mentioned earlier there are several uniques that I would highly recommend using as they are generally better than any rare that could be used in that slot.

Either Lioneye's Remorse or Saffell's Frame are the best in slot shields depending on the map you are currently running, Lioneye's with its massive armour, life and block provide a huge boost to survivablity against physical damage, while Saffel's greatly reduces elemental damage taken. I would recommend having both and swapping between them depending on the map, for Atziri Saffels is by far the strongest.

Due to Mjolners massive stat requirement using either of these is highly recommend, alternative a rare amulet with high strength and int if you have a lot strength / int on gear.

As LS/MS is mostly used to trigger the gems in Mjolner the reduced physical damage is barely a drawback, movespeed helps speed mapping as does attack speed while the additional chaos resistance is very nice.

A relatively new item that I feel has been overlooked, the increased Strength and Intelligence requirements are not a problem as they are already met from having to use Mjolner, the Iron will modifier will generally end up granting 80-100 spell power which is huge.
That being said, the lack of life and resistances is quite unfortunate, if you feel you are not tanky enough I would recommend swapping them out for a pair of rare gloves with life, attack speed and resists.

If you feel your life pool is high enough, this belt will easily outshine any rare belt, lightning damage,leech, armour and resists are very hard to beat on a belt slot, like repentance it can be swapped out for a rare belt with life and high resists if you have trouble surviving or capping your resists.

Rare items are fairly standard in this build, generally high life and resists are what you are looking for, though stats like int and strength and also very valuable as they help soften the stat requirement for mjoler
Rares and Jewels

Although rare items can be faily standard, there are few stats you should look for when shopping for rares
Gloves: Life, resistances, Armour / Evasion base if possible, Attack Speed. Keep in mind a level 7 Haku can craft 9-12% attack speed on gloves which is usually cheaper than buying gloves with existing attack speed.
Boots: Movementspeed(30% if possible), life, resistances, armour evasion / evasion base if possible, Strength.
Rings: Life, Resistances, Intelligence / Strength, Attack speed, Lightning damage.

Below are a few examples of rares you are looking for.
Rare Gear


If possible try to get life on jewels whenever possible, spell damage and attack speed are also very strong.
The following jewel stats are what you should look for:
Lightning Damage +%
Attack Speed while holding a Shield +%
Maximum Life +%
Spell Damage +%
Attack Speed +%
Attack Speed with Maces +%
Damage +%
Attack Speed with One Handed Melee Weapons +%

The following jewel stats are useful but not what you should be exclusively looking for:
Block Chance with Shields +%
Spell Block Chance with Shields +%
Evasion +%
Armour +%
Any resists
Strength / Intelligence
Rarity of Items found
Attack and Cast Speed +%
Mana gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks +#

My current gear

The flask choices for this build are quite flexible, though I would recommend using at least one seething life flask, a topaz flask for reflect and a rumi's / granite to help deal with physical damage.

Atzri's promise is an overall great budget flask as it increases both the damage of Mjolners lightning gems and MS/LS, Taste of hate is better if you can afford it but otherwise an Atziri's Promise is just fine.
A quicksilver / Silver Flask both serve the same purpose of speeding up mapping, if you are a using a Daressos I would recommend not a Silver flask the body armour already provides onslaught
For Atziri farming using a Ruby flask with bleed immunity is highly recommend as it helps with both trio and atizri heself.

The skill tree is rather straight forward just to be sure to place the fertile mind jewel in the right place or you won't be able to use Mjolner due to the intelligence requirement.
For ascendancy only really the Berserker ascendancy subclass is required, so merciless lab can be left until you feel comfortable doing it
Build Tree, Bandits and Ascendancy

For Bandits you want to help Oak in Normal for 40 health, Help Kraitlyn in Cruel for 8 attack speed and help Alira in Merciless for + 1 power charge, doing this will also get you the "traitor" achievement
Fertile Mind locaiton


Level 60 tree


Level 80 tree


Level 100 Tree


Ascendancy Choices

The berserker subclass for the scion ascendant is absolutely required, however the second subclass has several options.

Elementalist: The strongest pure damage subclass, being able to penetrate 5% of elemental resistances is a huge damage boost lategame and taking 4% less elemental damage boosts survivability significantly, Elemental Conflux is also useful as it speeds up mapping.
Champion: As fortify is already linked to LS/MS the fortify on melee hit is not very useful, gaining 15% extra damage and being able to tank mobs in party play is quite nice though.
Guardian: 3% chance to block and 12% increased attack speed offers both survivability and damage, though I feel elementalist does both better.

Overall I would highly recommend going berserker elementalist but the choice is up to you

I have had many questions about how to clear Atziri and have tried to answer them throughout the guide, here you will find a short list of tips on what to do, if you haven't already I would highly recommend reading up on the general mechanics of the fights

Remember to swap out arc for concentrated effect for all the bosses, arc does nothing against trio and will get you killed to the reflect clone during her split phase, additionally concentrated effect should make discharge hit very hard.
Bring an anti bleed ruby flask, bleeding is a huge damage source from Atziri and the trio and popping a ruby should help you survive a flameblast from Atziri
Use Saffels for Atziri, The block from Lioneye's is nice but the extra resists and spell damage make the atziri fight much more comfortable
Save Vaal haste for the split phase as the rest can usually be face rolled.
The kill for the trio is as following: 1. K'aj A'alai(Titty bitch) 2. K'aj Y'ara'az (Dual strike reflect) 3. K'aj Q'ura (Cycloner)

Overall this is a build I have had great success with and has performed much better than I had originally expected as it clears lategame maps with no difficulty and might even be uber viable with the buffs it has received in ascendancy. If you have any questions or feel like I missed something in my guide, feel free to message me ingame or on the forums at "Korago"

I will be posting higher level ascendancy mapping at some point in the near future, for now this will have to do
2.0 gameplay

At the moment I unfortunately did not have maps above level 77, when I get a 78/79/80 map ill record and upload it but for now this will have to do.
77 Bazaar


76 Arid lake


Lastly I would like to extend a huge thanks to my friend Dilan(Dimiodd) for helping me out with putting both the skill tree and the general build together <3.
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Try out a skilltree like this

you can run two purites and a 50% aura (grace/determ/wrath) depending on preference. it gets another jewel socket and more res (makes gearing easier). Also move romira's up to the preferred gear. If you're going rt there is no real reason to get extra power charges in my opinion. Use either cyclone curse on hit or molten strike/lightning strike in a blood magic setup and you're all peachy. 4l's would be either Cyclone coh ele weakness blood magic or molten/lightning strike multistrike blood magic gmp.
Hey, Is this Atziri viable? and if yes How easy/hard can it do it?
Thanks for the build =]
Been following your build and it has been pretty good. I was able to do a lvl 75 Dark forest with double ele added and ele weakness(changed my devo devotion to a rare); so I would say pretty good so far.

I have a couple of questions if you do not mind me asking, around what is your life with your level? I'm at 77 with 4,3k and was wondering if I would get to 5k at around 80-85.

My other question is how do you handle corrupting blood? I have a staunch flask but I'm thinking about getting staunch for my quicksilver,I don't have atziri(not sure if I need it yet but plan to buy one soon) or Rumis yet, so it can protect me for longer than just a instant heal.

Couple of things I did:
Made my leap slam into a 3L with blood and fortify so I could have vengeance with coh/hot/warMark. I think this is working pretty well for bosses but it does suck that my leap slam is slower

took out enduring cry and added in tempest shield for boss fights and tougher mobs(and it looks cool). Not sure how well this is working. (useless for random mobs but I hope it was worth it for the bosses). I was actually considering vaal summon skeles or vaal grace for some extra tankiness but it would probably be a waste.

To finish, thank you very much for the build. Been wanting to make a mjolner build for a while and there was no way I could afford voll's devo.


ign: Ricmorn_Reaver
omarGM wrote:
Hey, Is this Atziri viable? and if yes How easy/hard can it do it?
Thanks for the build =]

With a decently high level and good gear it absolutely will be, the trio might be some trouble and you absolutely need to swap out arc for concentrated effect in order to not kill yourself to the reflect phase of atziri but I think it should be doable just fine. Just remember to also swap out a flask or two for a ruby and another topaz

In regards to the questions you had mrshroom:
First of all 4.3k life at late 70s is just fine, you should almost always be topped off due to life leech and by the time you reach 80-85 you should start getting around 5k life with no gear improvements as that is when I started taking all the extra life nodes.

Secondly if you are having issues with corrupting blood just craft a topaz / granite flask / quicksilver of staunching(bleed removal / immunity) as you will be immune to bleed for its 4+ second duration, here is an example of one.

I would highly recommend getting an atizri's promise though, as both the phys and elemental damage increases boost the builds damage(It's a super cheap flask too). I personally never really felt like I needed a quicksilver as leap slam got me around fast enough, but its up to personal preference of course

As for the gems you mentioned, it seems perfectly fine. This build really does allow a large amount of flexibility so just try out what you like and stick with it, having warlord's mark up on bosses from vengeance seems like a solid idea if you can deal with only having a 3l leap slam.
I did notice you had auras / vaal haste / golem in your 4l gloves, if you want faster attacks for your leap slam you can always just throw leap slam in there and drop vaal haste if you feel like its worth it.
Vaal grace doesn't seem like a bad idea at all as it helps prevent you getting bursted down by some bosses, I just couldn't find the space for it as I preferred to run vaal haste / enduring cry over it, but you can always try it out and see how it goes for you.

If you have any other questions just reply to me here or message me on the forum and thanks for all the kind words, hope I answered your questions <3
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Hey, the build works perfectly and i totally love it :D i can facetank most of bosses and do any map mode ( didnt try reflect and probably won't :D ) but i have some questions :D

Why in the tree there is physical melee dmg nodes although its not our source of dmg?
orchard boss literally one shot me :P any thoughts if iam doing something wrong or there are certain bosses we better avoid doing?

Regarding atziri, i have never done it and i want to start farming (at higher level ofc) so do u think the build will do the job as a fast atziri clearer? and can u plz tell me the playstyle or tactic to use to complete the map without deaths if possible?

Thanks =]

Edit: Is there any room of improvment can be done to the build? beside improving the rare items..
Thanks again :D =]
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Hi omgarHM I will try to answer your questions as best as I can
First of all the reason this build takes melee physical damage is because of Molten Strike(scales off physical damage) which is used as the "main" 5/6L skill, hence this build benefits from both spell damage(Discharge / Arc) and Physical damage (Molten Strike)

As for your second question, I would say most map bosses for doable as long as you know how to avoid their deadly abilities, for orchard you will want to leap slam away from the red projectile it shoots as that, as you saw can / will one shot you. If you are having trouble with a particular map boss I would recommend looking it up as most bosses that one shot you have some sort of avoidable attack.

As for Atziri, there are plenty of Mjolner guides for clearing that, this build plays very similar to them. Just look up a few Atziri guides on the forums / on youtube and you should be good. There are a few good tips I could give you:
First of all remember to swap out Arc for Conc Effect for the trio and Atziri herself as you will kill yourself with arc on Atziri's reflect phase and for the trio arc doesn't do much
Secondly swap out your Lioneye's for Saffel's on Atziri
Thirdly you will want to use a Ruby flask of Staunching(Bleed immune) for the trio and Atziri due to bleed and high fire damage, just swap it out for a granite.
Those are about all the tips I can give you, find a good guide on youtube / the forums and you should be good to go, it may take a few sacrifice sets before you get the strategy down for Atziri and the trio so don't get too discouraged if you die a lot at first.

In regards to the upgrades there are a few things that can be improved, Taste of hate is a good late-game replacement for either Atziri's Promise or the Topaz flask, a good belt (either rare or Doryani's Invitation) with + 1 max endurance charges will help increase clear speed, a 6l chest if you don't already have it is also a good idea for obvious reasons.
As this build uses a lot of unique items, good corrupts like +1 gems, additional curses, + endurance / power charges, max resists, chaos resist, weapon elemental damage and lightning leech are all upgrades, you can either try to vaal them yourself or buy them already corrupted and use Vorici to change the colors, here are two examples of corrupted items that are direct upgrades

The biggest upgrade this build can get is a Voll's Devotion, which will increase the damage and survivability of any Mjolner build greatly, however if you can afford a Voll's I would recommend you take a look at Thor's Rainbownuke build or the Kingsguard Mjolner builds instead as those are build around having a Voll's already.
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Hi, I tried switching to a +2 mana gained on hit jewel and it seems to work perfectly with the set up molten strike(lvl 1)+ GMP + fortify + faster attacks + multistrike.

I tested the setup on merc Daresso in his invincible state. That means no mana leech(which I don't have anyways) and no pots and I had no problem spamming my molten strike on Daresso.

The only difference that there should be between my setup and anyone else is that is using this guide is that I have a Kingsguard which has 51 added mana but that only leads to a change of 8 mana in my unreserved mana so it should not be a problem. I will try it out later with a different chest and see if it changes how effective it is.

I have 5.48aps (5.68 with blood rage not sure if it is worth it but my dex is low so I can not use vaal haste atm). It might work with a LMP (instead of fortify) because the increase of projectiles should also mean an increase in the return of mana, but I am not sure because getting 3 greens on a Kingsguard is pretty damn annoying and having 100% up time on fortify is very nice. If I get a 6L Kingsguard I may need to get another +2 mana jewels but I don't think it will be necessary.

I have gotten a Voll's devotion but I really do not feel like starting a new character yet so I moved a few points around and am making it with this set up atm so it is definitely possible to get enough attributes with this build with just a few changes(less if you are rich).

If anyone has any advice on making my build better please tell me. I am not really having a hard time but the build is definitely not perfect yet.



@Koragodk Thanks again, really enjoying making this build as strong as possible.
ign: Ricmorn_Reaver
How am I supposed to get enough DEX to wear Daresso's Defiance and use Vaal Haste? Is Astramentis the only way?
also, for more charges to discharge, wouldn't blood rage be a suitable gem to use to do it? considering we almost never die as long as we are dealing lightning damage, I think the degen would be negligible at best, and if we have a long run between groups, let it expire and flask up and the recast before leapslam into next group. I will play around with it and the blood dance boots to see which way is good to do, and to see if I can get enough stats on stuff to afford the loss of res on boots. any thoughts? or have you already tried it?
also, a thought on chest gear, would kingsguard be viable also due to the healing on endurance charge spending?
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